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About[edit | edit source]

Trudger Territory
The Triple Peaks
Years Active ???-???
Government Monarchy (Chieftain)
Enemies The Shend, Snobbite. Swikedom
Primary Race Giant, Human, Half-Giant, Hobgoblin

The partnership

of Giant and Human was one of the greatest and most intriguing alliances to arise out of the Holy War, but one that seemed obvious in hindsight.  The splintering of Giant communities by type and nobility furthered nobody’s cause in the war, and drew the attention of the smaller humanoids, who knew that if the Giants could work together, the tide of war could be turned. Humans gave the giant communities a sense of unity, and as more half-giants propagated and bred through the mountains, the lines between giant classes were blurred.

Post Holy War, Trudger has been celebrated by the realm as a generous faction who put aside all domestic struggles at the last minute to seize victory from Tiamat. For these reasons, Trudger enjoys a popularity unrivaled realm-wide. However, they are not so joyously welcomed in Pteris, where they have created 3 separate fronts of tension with the other kingdoms. The hobgoblins of the The Shend  seek to expand south into the desert, but have been continuously refused aid by Trudger, who believes the wilds of the deserts should be left alone to the unknown powers living there. Personally offended by the lack of support, several small skirmishes have now occurred between Trudger humans in the north and frequent hobgoblin raids.

To the east, Trudger has formed an intimidating challenge to the Snobbite people. The Snobbites, who are most comfortable on the water, have very little use of the mountains, but the great river Olyphemus which runs from Dragon Turtle bay in the east to the northwest coast of Pteris treads a fine path through the Trudger mountains, and the Trudger people have kept a tight control on their territory due to the threats of Swikedom and the Shend.

Like other territories, Trudger deplores Swikedom out west. Being the closest geographical kingdom, many see Trudger as the natural force to eliminate Swikedom off the map, but the lack of a powerful navy prevents them from taking Swikedom by sea, and the desert environement keeps them from progressing quickly on land, leading to a slow front with high fatalities, or the “Killall Front”.

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