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The Tovag Baragu is an ancient artifact found in Quelmar which opens gateways to unimaginable opportunities. A series of concentric arches form portals which link Quelmar to various planes of existence.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The nature of the Tovag is endlessly dynamic, and portals open and close irregularly, never guaranteeing the opportunity to return back to where you came. According to legend, the Tovag was created by an evil god who was banished, and later embedded in the fabric of the Role-Playing system, meaning that somewhere hidden on each plane, demi-plane, universe, or otherwise lay a Tovag.

Entering a Tovag portal to another plane will typically push the adventurer through to that plane's Tovag. For as long as the portal is open, it has been observed to work in both directions. However, portals close irregularly, and the simplest mistakes can leave you removed from your native realm.

Rivers of Lava run through the arches in this plane

Navigation[edit | edit source]

Because of it's endlessly dangerous nature, people who disappear into the Tovag are most likely never seen again. Their efforts to find their true home only become more fruitless as they become further displaced in time and space through the vast network of interlinking Tovags.

The one exception to the labryinth nature of the Tovag, an interplanar traveler may be able to be taken to a destination of their choice through heavy prayer to Vecna, the god who is rumored to have been behind the Tovag's creation. It is said those who Vecna takes pity on must solve a puzzle or riddle, typically one involving dark secrets or morbid solutions.

Location[edit | edit source]

In various editions of Quelmar, the Tovag has always been located in Kiston.

  • In 3.5, it was located on the mainland.
  • In 5e, it was located on the island of Sarcof
    • At some point between the Fracturing of the Weave and 190 CR, a handful (5) of the Tovag Arches were relocated to underneath the island of Cof in a secure facility known as the UnderComplex.
A group of heroes contemplate using the Tovag located inside The BackHalls

Possible States of a Tovag Arch[edit | edit source]

  • No portal or effect, considered inactive. (20%)
  • Mirror (4%)
  • Magnification of distant objects (1%)
  • Viewport to somewhere else on the same plane. (3%)
  • Portal to somewhere else on the same plane (2%)
  • Portal to another plane or realm of existence. (70%)

Behind the Screen[edit | edit source]

  • The Tovag, as well as a handful of the destinations listed on the Tovag destination page, are pulled directly from the 2nd edition campaign Die Vecna Die!
  • While the original source material and the multiverse shattering aspects of that campaign were used to help players make the jump between 2nd and 3rd edition, the Tovag in Quelmar built the bridge between 3rd edition and 5th edition, as well as opening up the idea of there being an edition of Quelmar for every game system.
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