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Otwin is being candied for 24 hours and has already lost his ability to use one leg.
Otwin is being candied for 24 hours and has already lost his ability to use one leg.
End outside of the security station.


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Bosa Fantum
Relatives Unknown
Languages Common, Loxodon
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Species Loxodon
Gender Female
Height 6ft 4in
Eye Color Green

Bosa Fantum is a loxodon magician (read: wizard) who recently joined a circus troupe in the Aw Heckna campaign.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Describe your appearance. Eye color, height, weight, hair color, particular clothing items, scars, tattoos, etc.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Bosa is a very cautious, and careful about how she acts and what she says. After being looked down upon in her youth, she strives for acceptance with her peers.

History[edit | edit source]

Bosa was left on the steps of an orphanage in Galik as a baby. She is unsure of any relations, but as a Loxodon, she was not treated the same as the other orphans. In order to ensure her own survival, she learned how to beg/pickpocket on the streets. Bosa even took a few jobs with the Begger's Guild to make ends meet She later learned how to perform magic (both the 'fake' magic and actual magic) from a mysterious member of the Galik Underground. She never learned his name.

Bosa eventually began performing on the streets for money and was fairly successful. Her contacts in the Beggar's Guild eventually gave her a tip about her family's location being connected to the circus that was coming to town. Always cautious, she found a group of other performers to join, which is where the Aw Heckna campaign begins.

Languages[edit | edit source]

Common, Loxodon

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

*Put in her spells at some point*

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

Spell book is a deck of cards.

Adventure Log[edit | edit source]

1/18 - - Meeting the troupe in Galik[edit | edit source]

Otwin suggests that we go check out the carnival, so we wander into the forest to find it. Bella Belzon (Spiderlady) came up to us in the middle of the woods and began leading us to the carnival. Bella recommends getting the popcorn at the food court. Arrive at the Revelia gate, Bella, then promptly leaves. Spent too much time talking to the tree that no one could understand. A humanoid figure waves us over from behind a tent, he seems to be injured, tries to warn us off. Conrad, been in the carnival for a while, "don't want you to die, and come back as something else." the fuck... He is after the Ringleader Heckna, go to the hostel, food court is mostly safe. Lost and Found is definitely safe. Will find us later (probably will find him dead, oof he seemed nice). The Parade starts, a giant gold cage, with a pretty giant antlion inside. The ringleader is on the float, winks at us. A member comes out and greets us. Pinky is a clown and shows us the map (which is a face that speaks to us). Tickets can be gotten in the ticketing booth. Map was a humanoid at one point, became a map after talking to Heckna. Pinky is probably not very willing participant. Heckna can be found in Midway. We are totally stuck here forever now. We have gained the map. Make it to the ticket booth, Polly's pocket full of tickets. She gives each of us a booklet of 10 tickets. We head to the food court. Flophouse is the gambling hall.

2/1 - - We get our asses kicked by popcorn..[edit | edit source]

Handy Helpers have health potions, the one in the hostel (broken one) give 5 tickets, get potion and 3 tickets back.

2/15 - - Explored the Hostile Hostel[edit | edit source]

2/29 - - Leveled up[edit | edit source]

Several spells in the game require specific material components that must be purchased for gold pieces in order to cast, and wizards looking to copy spells into their book from scrolls or spellbooks require a certain amount of gold’s worth of magical inks in order to do so. Components or inks can be purchased at the Lost and Found or the Souvenir Shop. Assume that 50 gp worth of these can be obtained for 1 RT. If the price of inks or a component would cause this to divide unevenly, round the total down (to a minimum of 1 RT). For example, a 3rd-level wizard of the evocation arcane tradition wants to copy a scorching ray spell from a scroll into their spellbook. As scorching ray is a 2nd-level spell of the evocation school, it only costs them 25 gp worth of magical inks per level of the spell (50 gp total) in order to do this. This means the required magical inks would cost 1 RT in The Revelia

3/14 - - Made it to the Lost & Found[edit | edit source]

4/25 - - Petting Zoo[edit | edit source]

Conrad doesn't trust us, but probably knows something about the symbols.

Casting find familiar to get little mouse familiar in between sessions.

Missed a session[edit | edit source]

6/6 - - Going to see the Toymaker[edit | edit source]

Successfully find bunny familiar Pistachio.

Toymaker creates everything mechanical in the revelia and "Heckna controls everything".

Give pinky token and pinky basically has a panic attack, "sunk in wood, steam and fire, hecknas happy healing helpers, all aboard for the revelia, where's conrad, heckna turns every frown upside down forever, where'd he get the trinket like that?"

Locke and Toymaker are in kuhoots; Doesn't trust us yet, but getting jobs from Locke will improve our relationship with them (resistence???)....


Locke gives us a quest to get a doll from the security station, that records voices so he wants us to be stealthy.

Otwin is being candied for 24 hours and has already lost his ability to use one leg.

End outside of the security station.

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