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Just the Q of Us (Feb 2024 - June 2024) is an ongoing anthology series of one-shots starring two Quelmar characters from two different campaigns.

Each episode is broken down below.

Season 1 (Episodes 1-13)[edit | edit source]

# Video Characters Worldbuilding Info
Episode 1
PC 1 Noktily Nyvyne
Campaign 1 Brightwater Campaign
PC 2 Gymir
Campaign 2 It Came From Kiston
  • Shows off the badlands of the Kharmaja during The Infernal Emergence
  • Shows a new type of fuel devised from (the infernal iron in) Sandworm blood.
  • Shows how Gymir learned to wrestle dragons
Episode 2
PC 1 22
Campaign 1 Within the Wicked Wilds
PC 2 Wilgrim
Campaign 2 Pirates of Quelmar
  • The first glimpse at what battlefields of The War of the Forged looked like
  • Shows a gross experiment being done behind the lines in Osugbo
  • Explored the horseshoe of sentience that exists in the war, from total constructs to total sentience.
Episode 3
PC 1 Evo
Campaign 1 ⮞Get Submodule
PC 2 Vaeth
Campaign 2 Secondary Characters
  • A look at how Alpha Complex harvests genetic material for clone diversity
  • A look at the original "Sierra Club" almost a century before Git Submodule
  • An exploration into Vaeth at the critical point in time after her mom left and how it affected the family
  • A quick cameo from our mascot confirming at least ONE dragon still around in the CR era.
Episode 4
PC 1 Bulio
Campaign 1 Within the Wicked Wilds
PC 2 Stan
Campaign 2 Into the Greedy Green
  • A dive into how rival merchants (one from Musso, one from Amusa, and one from Al'Adeaf) cross blades and schemes
  • A deeper dive into the Deeplake merchant nobility class
  • Secrets and hints about the true nature of the mysterious Bulio
  • The revelation that the Great Wyrm Gem can lengthen lifespans, from the Anders clan of dwarves.
Episode 5
PC 1 Niebelung
Campaign 1 OathWielders
PC 2 Chet Sexton
Campaign 2 Ancients Alive
  • Revealed Chet Sexton's post Ancients Alive career in professional broom racing
  • Discovered that Niebelung has bound himself to the ArchCrystal Tower and has spent 400 years trying to read everything
  • Learned the motto of the tower: "Information is Fresh"
  • Very funny episode just watch it.
Episode 6
PC 1 Pip
Campaign 1 Not Strahd
PC 2 Athena La Croix
Campaign 2 Another One Bites the Dice
Episode 7
PC 1 Esimal
Campaign 1 Towson Tabletop
PC 2 The Lich Omoi
Campaign 2 Once Upon a Town: Cimera
Episode 8
PC 1 Serpen-Tina
Campaign 1 Brightwater
PC 2 Ardemas
Campaign 2 The Beggar's Bodega
YEAR Prehistory, 220 BR, 999 PR
Episode 9
PC 1 Chrysaor
Campaign 1 Within the Wicked Wilds
PC 2 Earn'st Grimes
Campaign 2 The BackHalls
Episode 10
PC 1 Nix Vakarian
Campaign 1 Alien Colonial Marines
PC 2 Prototype J 91360
Campaign 2 Quelmar Goes to Space
YEAR Posthistory
Episode 11
Campaign 1 Metagame
PC 2 Charlie
Campaign 2 Secondary/Reckondary Characters
YEAR 116-117 CR
Episode 12 Not yet aired
PC 1 Illariya Vulcana
Campaign 1 Towson Tabletop
PC 2 Edna
Campaign 2 Ancients Alive
Episode 13 Not yet aired
PC 1 Redemption Core
Campaign 1 Infernal Invasion
PC 2 Anema E. Core
Campaign 2 Sick of this Shit
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