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Eavan Ice-Eye
Art by Wizard Myth
Player Name Nathan Stoner
Languages Common, Bremish, Elvish
Affiliations Xandrian Adventurer Guild
Date of Birth 871 PR
Place of Birth Unknown Witchwolf village in Breme
Species Witchwolf
Gender Female (She/Her)
Height 5'6"
Weight 138 lbs
Eye Color Hetero-chromatic (right is ice-blue, left is green)

Eavan Ice-Eye is a Witchwolf hailing from Breme. As a member of the Xandrian Adventurer Guild based in Xandria, Eavan travels Breme assisting communities and small villages in hunting monsters, fighting off bandits, and other small time activities. She is a Champion Fighter with the Duel Weapon fighting style.

Physical Appearance

Eavan Ice-Eye gets her name from the color of her right eye. Eavan is hetero-chromatic, and her right eye is ice-blue. Hence the name "Ice-Eye" given to her by her tribe. Besides that though, Eavan has whitish skin in lieu with being from an arctic climate. She has red hair with white streaks at the tips, a pattern that repeats on her tail.

In terms of clothing, Eavan wears light leather armor with metal shoulder pads. As a Witchwolf, Eavan does dress light for someone from that area of the world due to her cold resistance making it easier to shrug off freezing weather. To help keep warm and to also help with hiding in snow environments, Eavan is equipped with a cloak that wraps around the neck. Her clothing in general is hints of ice-blue, red, green, and purple.


Eavan is a gregarious person, always eager to converse with new people. Though rough around the edges when it comes to socializing, she is at least friendly enough on average that most people shrug it off. More than anything though, Eavan's biggest thing is that she LOVES to hunt. Like much of her species, Eavan is keen to hunt down large monsters for glory. Inviting her along on a hunt for a big monster is enough to get her on your side if anything.


Eavan was born in an unknown location in Breme. Due to the nomadic nature of her tribe, she never stayed in one place for once, and her tribe's hunting training made her an acceptable hunter at an early age (which is natural for a Witchwolf). This was helped by the fact that her father was keen on training her to the best of his ability, and pushed his daughter to work hard in her training. However, when she became an adult, she left her tribe at the encouragement of her father experience the world in a way their village could not let her.

And thus did Eavan arrive in Xandria, the island nation off Breme. It was here that her experience caught the eye of one Lord Philippe Rodier, a Xandrian Lord who is the main benefactor and organizer of the Xandrian Adventurer Guild. It was here that Eavan met many of the people she would come to see as friends, including one Kyle Lane, one of the guild's scholar, and rising engineer. The two struck up a friendship, and soon Eavan was accompanying Kyle on quests in Xandria and Breme. Oftentimes the two would be paired together for assignments.

Eventually, Kyle was asked to journey to the City of Xender at the behest of the guild to help study glacial phenomenon in Xender and assist with the supposedly weird developments occurring in Xender. Eavan was asked to accompany him, and the idea of traveling across the world thrilled Eavan to no extent. The monsters she would hunt would definitely be worthy of telling her father about one day!


Eavan can speak Bremish and Common, but her contact with Snow Elves in Xandria and Breme proper gave her experience in speaking Elvish.

Powers and Abilities

Eavan's major powers revolve around her Witchwolf heritage as well as her combat prowess. On the battlefield, Eavan is a rather intimidating presence, and she can easily go into a hunters frenzy fighting her prey.

Attacks and Weapons 

Eavan mainly uses two swords for fighting. The swords were given to here by Lord Rodier when she joined the Xandrian Adventurers Guild. She also has her wolf teeth in case her sword gets knocked out of her hand.

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