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[[Category:First Class]]
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Langford is a Bloodline of High Elves that resided primarily in Jewelspar for most of recorded history. The Langfords became well-known for their scholarly pursuits, having worked in academia at Jewelspar University for many generations. They don't descend from any known nobility, but their contributions to studying the arcane have not gone unrecognized and a street in Jewelspar is even named in their honor. Despite their Bloodline being quite ancient, the use of Langford as a last name hadn't been adopted until the mid-PR era when Frances began using it as a stage name, having created it from a portmanteau of Langston Avenue and Valenford Street, an intersection in Jewelspar that she lived near at the time.

Notably, in the late PR era, Professor Wellam Langford predicted the Fracturing of the Weave and made great efforts to conserve the arcane properties of many magical artifacts. He accomplished this with the help of his wife Frances by constructing an artificial portal to the Feywild beneath Jewelspar University where they both taught, rescuing many artifacts from destruction by smuggling them through the portal before all planar magic became severed from the Material Plane. He went so far as to relocate his family to Zobeck to continue their work during a time when the future legality of magic in Jewelspar seemed uncertain. The Langfords eventually returned to their ancestral plane in the Feywild, using the same portal they had secretly kept in Jewelspar, once frays in the Weave finally began to show (except for Veras, who had been hurled into the future by Chronepsis and missed his window to abscond the Material Plane with the rest of his family).

Family Lineage[edit | edit source]

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