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Minsc and Boo
"Go for the Eyes Boo"
Languages Common, Giant, Space Hamster
Affiliations Working as mercenary for the Tempest Brothers
Aliases Stone Lord
Marital Status Taken by Boo
Species Humanoid (Goliath)
Gender Male
Height 8' Feet

Minsc and Boo is Goliath race with a Folk Hero background. He has 4 Level in Beastmaster Ranger and 1 level in Genie (Dao) Warlock.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Minsc finds the less thinking he does, the easier the trusting comes. A miniature giant space hamster whose mind is more wise than the hermit atop the mountain thankfully accompanies Minsc. Although people do not understand the genius of Boo and doubt he is a giant space hamster. Minds believe one day you will understand. Boo has boundless compassion for Minsc. Minsc will stomp any evil he can see (sometimes to the detriment as he is quick to judge).

Some people might call Minsc a hero, but Minsc believes such title should belong to a person more worthy. Minsc is here to vanquish the evil and enact justice.

History[edit | edit source]

The tale of Minsc is not an easy one to recount. It is a lengthy and difficult journey that ultimately leads to his encounter with the reader and Boo. The narrative begins with Minsc working as a mercenary, seeking to better himself through the Dajeema ritual. His mission is to safeguard my master, Dynaheir, from a group of savage Gnolls. The battle was fierce and resulted in much bloodshed, with Minsc and the Gnolls locked in a fierce struggle. But those beasts would never be able to harm my mistress.

After joining the Ice Dragon Berserker Lodge, Minsc was tasked with killing an ice dragon. Although Minsc emerged victorious in the fight, Minsc ultimately lost the battle, as Dynaheir lost her life while protecting Minsc from a Bhaal spawn. This was a tragic mistake that Minsc never wishes to repeat. Despite Minsc attempts to maintain a cheerful demeanor, Minsc asks that the reader take a moment to quietly pray for Dynaheir's well-being in the afterlife.

Minsc went to fight a vampire lord and we're able to slay it with a mighty sunsword. There was also a young triton (Danke Schon) with a weird complexion similar to the vampire spawn however Minsc let him escape. Even the best one cannot bring the burden of lowering the sword to a child. Minsc then found some trouble and got petrified into a stone. Minsc lost all his gear and did not wake up for centuries until Boo saves me. Out of benevolence, he pardoned Minsc for once again neglecting his duty and allowed me to continue my journey. Minsc has now joined forces with the renowned Tempest Brothers, who are considering venturing into East Amusa. This is the perfect opportunity for Minsc to demonstrate his abilities and bring retribution upon the wicked wrongdoers who have gone unpunished for so long. May justice prevail over them.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Minsc hurls Boo at his foe, prompting Boo to ferociously attack with his teeth, claws, and paws. Minsc is skilled in wielding various types of weaponry. According to Boo, Minsc is resilient like a rock and will endure a direct blow to the face earning him the title Stone Lord. Minsc also find it ironic as he was turn into a stone centuries ago.

P/S: In case you are wondering why he has 1 level in warlock. He has boo as his patron.

This the Boo with his cute butt, whiskers, and fluffy fur

Current Story[edit | edit source]

• ???

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