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Loomlurch is set on fire and the session ends.
Loomlurch is set on fire and the session ends.
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[[Category:Player Characters]]
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Languages Common, Elvish, Sylvan
Species Faun
Gender Female
Height 6ft 4in

Pixia is a Satyr Barbarian, who lost her sense of direction as a child at the circus.

History[edit | edit source]

She wandered into the Feywild as a preteen and spent 15 or so years there, unable to locate the portal home. She finally stumbled upon a portal back to the material plane, which dumped her at the entrance to the carnival, ticket in hand. Remembering the childhood trip to the carnival, Pixia enters the carnival hoping to see the magic again. (i.e find her sense of direction)

Languages[edit | edit source]

Common, Elvish, Sylvan

Items[edit | edit source]

  • 8 gp
  • explorer's pack
  • traveler's clothes
  • lyre
  • Pinwheel whirligig that spins even when there's no wind
  • Wooden jigsaw puzzle piece as big as a saucer, with a painted image of a jug on it
  • Smoking pipe made from a tree root gave to Sue of the Inn.

Adventure Log[edit | edit source]

4/6 - - 7:30p.m. - Witchlight Carnival[edit | edit source]

Pixia has arrived at the carnival. Everyone got vouchers from Ellegenick Tumblestrum. Pixia got a dandalion and made a wish to eat something tasty. Failed staring contest against 'cyclops'. Refused to go on the mystery mine ride. Pixia has officially left the group (gotten lost) and headed for Bubble-Pop Teapot instead of the Hall of Illusions (missing out on Snail Racing). Enters the teapot, ends up in a bubble with no control, floating in the opposite direction as the rest of the group. Sasha successfully gets Pixia down, leashes her and takes her over to meet the rest of the group at the Hall of Illusions. Everyone enters the Hall of Illusions. Pixia sees a long limbed green short torsoed frog??? stealing something from a younger Pixia's pocket in a mirror. Head to the Big Top for the Big Top Extravaganza. Meri mentions the Hall of Illusions situation to Mr Light and Mr Witch, and everyone ends up in the staff area.

4/20 - - Stage Crew Area w/ Mr. Light and Mr. Witch[edit | edit source]

Bugbear, hobo clown, kenku needs removed, pixie kingdom, zybilna (arch-fey), prizmire, hourglass coven takes what they want, Kenku leaves the circus. Meri ate magic shroom and grew old, gave out friendship buttons. going to find ellie wick, Lornlong? = frog = works for hag from hourglass coven, went back to the witch and light (shaderkai elves [shadowfell elves]) hourglass coven, hags, fey wild, made pact with coven for carnival, got new carnival, coven can take one item from someone without a ticket. Witch and light cannot enter prizmire. We enter the portal to Prismire,

mind the rule of three, present future past, find the alicorn, free the dorment queen at last.

5/4 - - Headfirst into the Hither[edit | edit source]

"Free the doormat Queen at last"

Emerge from the portal onto a causeway (broken highway) [100ft up]. Can see a swamp down below. No trees, but can see stumps. Sun is just beginning to set. Can see a tower nearby. Decide to camp for the night on the highway. Tyrn has 'trance' and talks to Master of Shadow (patron). Sasha reads Wista's diary...

The next morning.. Fog has extended over the swamp. Wista spots some handholds/mushrooms, and climbs down the pillar. Sasha carries Tyrn down, and failing all their checks, both falling, Tyrn uses pixie dust to catch herself. Sasha falls the 100 ft...... Unconscious. Tyrn stablizes Sasha. Tyrn saw a balloon spiral out of control in the direction of the tower. Group of rabbits comes out of the fog singing. 'This is a robbery' Enter combat - Tyrn puts three to sleep, Sasha kills one, Pixia gets two. Wanted happy memories, put in gold gourd. Wista destroys gourd.

Zybilda is in palace in the middle. Arch-fey is Queen of Prizmire. Go see Bavlorna, Ruler of Hither. Bavlorna is in Downfall. Agdon Longscarf, Prince of the Briggened (fighter) lives in Briggenstollway (giant stump)

Slanty Tower, about a mile away. Wells are erupting, and the water at our feet is starting to rise. gets up to around 5ft, arrive at tower. Hot air balloon has crashed onto the tower. Sir Talivar, One of the Summer Queens servant, escaping the Vile Bavlorna Blightstraw. Balloon was set upon by an ill will and ill wind. Wigglewog didnt survive. Must tell queen about the Fall of Prizmire.

6/1 - - Starting at Slaty Tower[edit | edit source]

Two serpents sleeping at door, need to help without waking the snakes. Bramble covering the door, and Meri magiks herself to the door with a rope. Meri ties the rope to the door and Pixie holds the other end. Tern goes first, and successfully makes it across. The snakes wake up, battle begins.. One snake goes back into the tower.

Inside balloon, silver birdcage with purple fairy dragon (Talivar??) PIXIA AND DRAGON GOT SWALLOWED BY SNAK AND IT IS TAKING THEM AWAY. Sasha kills the snake and Pixia was rescued.

Sir Talivar of the Summer Court (Queen Tutinia runs Summer Court) was doing business. Seelie court member.

Wigglewog's sister Jinglejangle has the key to the cage. On Teleme Hill (to the east). Bavlorna is part of the hour-glass coven, has two sisters, total of three hags, Igaviles couldran, used cauldron to stop time in Zyblina's palace trapping her in the castle. Clapperclaw can take to thither to yawn then can get to palace. Bavlorna is a toad, Bollywog settlement, lives in a cabin on stilts. We take short rest

See an inn with many legs. Sat down in the mud, Sue is old human lady at the Inn at the End of the Road. The Inn started to move while we entered. Sue does NOT like Agdon Longscarf and his crew bc they are not nice. Tollway is the way to Downfall, the water up there is high. Thither has a wild forest. Sue comes back with a map of Hither. Alicorns are fae?celestial? (there are two in Prismire, bonded pair, in thither or yawn) [will probably need to find and free them both]. Gained two reg potions of healing from Sue, Sasha and Meri each took one. The Inn arrived at Teleme Hill.

6/15 - - Starting in the Inn at the End of the Road[edit | edit source]

Bavlorna has lorlings?? that caught Talivar. Jinglejangle (goblin) double-crossed them and took the key.

Arrives at Teleme Hill... There be trees!! They are singing willow trees. The trees are 'awakened'. Last of their kind, protecc at all costs. Tom, Tim, Tym, Tam, (there was another one). Going truffle hunting in the mud. Jinglejangle lives on the hill and hasn't been seen in several days. Trees leading up the hill.

Enter cellar of Jinglejangle, lots of keys everywhere; gave her truffles and she is giving us the key. She wants us to find the Haregons and beat them up. Jinglejangle is happy and all the trees begin to dance. We all go back to Inn and get a long rest.

Tyrn looking for spool of thread made of frustration and self-doubt.

Going the long way around to get to Downfall. Need to find Clapperclaw (small Scarecrow, Tyrn saw him in the magic stream)..

Head out, find a raft, begin to drag it with us for when water rises. Wista looks into one of the wells when we pass by it, and she talks to a will'o wisp which says that it used to be a creature before Bavlorna drowned them all. Wista promises the will'o wisp we will stop Bavlorn's reign of Hither. She gets a boon.

Continue and water rises, we all pile on the raft and play Never Have I ever. Sir Talivar won.

Water recedes and Pixia and Sasha begin to carry the raft. Mud creatures pop out, asks what their favorite food is (mud pie), then left.

Come across a stream, oil slick like iridescence on top. Everyone sees different visions. Following this stream to its source.

Have found the edge of a lake. Greater Downfall. King Gallop the 19th. Small dock, over the steps, through the swamp gas balloon factory, and across the bridge. May the Soggy Court treat you humbly. Tie up the raft on the dock.

Pixia successfully convinces the rock golem to let them cross the river over his boulders.

Arrives at the factory. Meri spots a house on stilts. We all cross lake to get to the house on stilts (most definitely Bavlorna's house lol). It was 100% Bavlorna's cottage.

6/29 - - Outside of Bavlorna's Cottage...[edit | edit source]

Pixie feels a pull to the cottage (the lost thing is in there). Meri teleports himself and Pixia onto the balcony. Set off the frog alarm. Meri deduces that this house is Bavlorna's and we all attempt to leave. Tyrn and Pixia end up left on the dock, with three toad creatures that came from the house. Tyrn got kidnapped by the lornlings!!!! Everyone goes back to save her; we all rush into the house. Smashed a teleporting mirror, then awakened a dark mantle. Killed it. Ignored the Lilypad (definitely will not bite us in the butt later). Going upstairs. We went through a secret passage and became teeny tiny. Witch (Darkling?) and Bavlorna are having tea party. We got talked to by her before the end of the session.

7/27 - - Inside of Bavlorna's Cottage (in the same room as her...)[edit | edit source]

Charm (Witch/Darkling) is the other person in the room. Bavlorna Brightstraw asks the group why they have invaded her home. Charm is very amused, Bavlorna seems nervous. In exchange for fixing her well, she will return Tyrn. Endalen Moongrave, Charm will be in Yawn, find way to palace at Motherhorn. Magic coming from cabinet, the hallway we came from, the mirror. Group hangs out in a room waiting to be big again. Go back down and meet up with Tyrn. We attempt to break the well even more. There might be a gelatinous cube lodged in the well. Found a cabinet with trinkets. Successfully made it outside and across the clothesline.

9/7 - - Outside of the burnt-out balloon factory[edit | edit source]

Trying to figure out what we need to do. Enter the factory.

Six coal-sprites, running around and lighting things on fire. Grabbing buckets of water to try to put out the sprites. Successfully put out all the sprites. Wigglewog put the sprites in the factory. Margort is in dungeon for that. Get a brooch from the frog in the factory (Tyrn has it).

We take a short rest.

Cross the bridge (which is lined with pikes with bollywog heads), Clapperclaw is talking to the severed heads (they talk back). The heads are all the past kings.

Clapperclaw: came from thither, escaping Granny Nightshade got attacked by haregan, took head, skull of an elk lots of big pointies on it. Agdon Longscarf took the head. Granny nightshade is hag of Thither. made Clapperclaw, to help her torture other children, has a giant tree that she makes the kids make toys for her.

We make deal, if we get his head back, he will take us to thither.

Attempting to go to the tollway, along river/swamp. See a big cauldron, giant toads, building (big hut). Arrive at the tollway.

Send Tyrn and Reverie to scout out the area. We concocted plan to attack. Branding iron in fire. Pixia killed Agdon oops.. They all leave us alone after and let us know that they gave the head to Bavlorna, ugh.. Pack up and head back to Downfall.

9/21 - - On raft into Downfall[edit | edit source]

Scarf was cursed by Zibidna herself. Skabatha Nightshade = Granny Nightshade, Clapperclaw is a child soul....

Sir Talivar was helping the enemy of the current king.

Palace of Heart's Desires <- Fey Queen's Palace

Clapperclaw will help us more since we want to free Fey Queen.

Go back to Bavlorna's Cottage to try to make a deal/re-negotiate the deal. Charm is still in the room. Will let us take 3 things from her horde if we do three things for her

  1. Clean well
  2. Big book of bad blood
  3. Bullywuggs have a shipment of corpses we need to go get for her

We go to take out the cube in the well. Killed the cube, water is clean and flowing. Pixia is allowed up into the horde to get her sense of direction. Lornling died in the horde, Pixia successfully able to regain her sense of direction.

Go see Clapperclaw again (really teasing this man/scarecrow/gorde/claw thing).

Decide to head over to the Soggy court.

10/5 - - Heading to the Soggy Court[edit | edit source]

The King Gullop XIX has a book in his lap, demands a gift. We introduce ourselves, and he demands a favor. He wants us to return the book (the one Bavlorna wants) but wants us to go get the courtly attire to 'properly' represent his court. Reverie is handed a goblet with a piece of parchment within, while we are in front of the King.

"Find Illig, the Baron of Muckswamp(Muckstump), the Revolution lives!"

Meri gets handed the book, and we head towards the clothiers. Come across a giant tree with a castle on top of it. Enter it and are handed a random assortment of clothing (very dirty). None of them fit Pixia, and are too big for Tyrn. Activities to do: Sparing, Toadstools, Cauldron, Prisoners (holding cell? Margort?).

Head to cells; Only a single prisoner, Morgort, Former Knight of ?Revolution?. Asking the guards for the information on Baron Illig. He is located in the Tree Palace, so we head there. Searching for a bit. Illig has a hutch down to the South, where 'he is pulling together some sort of plan, if you know what I mean'. If Bavlorna finds out that the balloon factory is down, then she might kill the King.

We go get close to prison and decide to attempt to set stuff on fire to draw the guards away from the prison. Causing an evacuation of the Palace, successfully distracting the guards. Reverie picks the lock and opens the door, freeing Morgort. She takes us down south to get to Illig's cabin.

On the way, pass Toadstool forest, Elf playing melancholy toon. Elf had her heart taken by Bavlorna and replaced it with a goat's heart. Elf = Octavian Melaham.

Make it to the cabin. Illig's plan is to stab the current king in the eye. (very smart). A crate is located within the cabin that is identical to what Bavlorna wants.

Thither has toadstool rings (portals) Skabatha.

** Pixia needs to think about how to talk to Morgort about perhaps becoming the queen of the bullywugs. **

Get crate and begin to head to Bavlorna's house.

Three sisters in burn book

  • Skabatha Nightshade - got her revenge by taking Skabatha's fav cat
  • Endelyn Moongrave - stole thread (Tyrn's patron??)
  • Tasha - nothing in book

Arrive back at Bavlorna's house, she is soaking in the pool. Bavlorna asks us to bring her her sister's portrait.

Loamlurch (hollowed out tree), central room, 4 portraits (all the sisters), Bavlorna wants Skabatha's portrait bc it would be funny??

Meri and Reverie end up in the freezer with a gold box. "The sexy elf's" heart is in the box.

Pixia and Wista go up into the hoard to get the head and ability to write (respectively).

10/19 - - Bavlorna's Cottage[edit | edit source]

Bavlorna's Room: Padlocked chest with initials "BB".

Freezer: Heart Chest

Pantry: Mushroom in a glass, knocking its head in a glass

Distillery: mushroom alcohol

Dining Room: exists

Aviary: pillars with clothes covering what is on them.

Returning the key while Reverie goes to break the mushroom out of its jar.

Sexy elf's heart is the freezer (because special cold elf), so Bavlorna's unwilling to part with it. Elemental Gem could replace??

We leave the cottage. Head over to Clapperclaw. A new head, Gallop the 19th, has joined the spikes. Return Clapperclaw's head, and he leads us to the balloon factory, where Morgort is waiting for us. She informs us, we need to steal the balloon *facepalm*. Three giant frogs are guarding the balloon. We try to convince them first, they attack Meri. Meri gets pulled into a frog's mouth. Combat begins. We successfully kill the frogs.

THE MUSHROOM REVERIE SAVED SINGS!!! Meri asks the mushrooms gender, to which they ask, whats a gender. Meri names it Princeling.

We all get into the balloon and begin the head for Thither.

We level up to level 4!

We have entered Thither, a forest full of wonderous nature.

Clapperclaw recommends Old Man Nib as a place to stay. A parchment is nailed to a tree. A curly headed boy is on the poster, Wanted The Will of the Feywild, Granny Nightshade. Take the poster with us (Tyrn has it).

Clapperclaw leads the group to the cave. Blindfolded man (Nib) sits at spinning wheel, transferring gold pieces (piles around him) into golden fiber. Nib is from Waterdeep, made terrible deal with Granny Nightshade. Nib wants to give us something, something about rules of hospitality, we are welcome to spend the night. Meri spots a spectre behind Nib, it is his curse. He is cursed to remain in the cave, spinning gold into gifts for people, while having his back stabbed by the people he stabbed in the back.

  • Meri: elemental gem of ice
  • Reverie: boots of elvenkind
  • Pixia: weapon of warning
  • Tyrn: ring of waterwalking
  • Wista: wand of secrets
  • Sasha: Gauntlets of Ogre Power


Granny Nightshade, has a key in back, turning quickly = bad mood, good mood = slow/stop turning. Has a candy market run by goblins, in addition to the toy factory. Flying rocking horse to deliver scary toys to children. Obsessed with Will of the Feywild, leader of The Getaway Gang, Live in a giant ent called Little Oak.

Note: Reverie and Sasha are pulled to the Northwest of Thither (presumably their lost things)

Tyrn gets a dream from her patron [who is probably-definitely Endelyn Moongrave]. She wants Tyrn to leave Thither using the toadstool portals (need to get Skabatha to give the correct way). She tells Tyrn to steal Nib's shadow, [OMG she is so evil fkajglajgfdjgj aje ngkjfdgj].

11/2 - - Thither - Nib's cave[edit | edit source]

Nib sends us off in the northeast direction. Pixia leading the way. Old centaur crosses the path, [the realm around you is fading way] the centaurs left Prismire, Winterbow. Yawn, cold, used to be a snowy mountain.

Unicorn at Wayward Pool, Lamorna. Elidon is Lamorna's mate (alicorn?). Hospitality rule? second time this has been said...

Meri asks Wista if they are a part of a litter.. Sasha asks how cat people are made.. Everyone is an only child except for Pixia (who has a younger sister). Clapperclaw then says that Granny killed him and made him into what he is. Before that he worked in her factory. Clapperclaw won the most interesting backstory award...

Come across a ring of toadstools on the ground. Toadstools are grumbling, 70+, in a circle 20ft wide. They start making fun of the party. Sasha kills it (apparently its name is Jim). Sasha starts wack-a-moleing them. Toadstools were given life by Skabatha, to prevent people from crossing out of Prismire. Skabatha uses the toadstools.

Two day journey to get to tree.

Three pixies having a tea party. (Maypole, Cowslip, and Spiderlily) They are arguing about the identity of the doorstop. Stole it from the material realm. Meri convinces them it is a piece of modern art and they should sell it to the goblin. They give Meri a whistle (Conjure Woodland Beings) to use.

Find a camp site for the night. Meri creates a wooden version of Sasha. Night passes uneventfully. "I'm happier to have this than not have this" - Sasha

"I'd rather have you than not" - Sasha to Meri

Sasha traumatizes Tyrn by waking her up but being really close to her face.

We continue. Giant claw print, Draconic in nature, 3 ft in diameter. Dragon took off into the air. Jabberwak dragon. Forest is moving around us as we walk.

See a cauldron boiling on a campfire. Frying pan nearby, lone compastry (mushroom). We convince it that its "friend" was going to eat it, so it's going to go home to Mom?? Goblin Kro'arh comes back and Wista attempts to gaslight it. Goblin gives us candy. Chucklehead, head goblin, toffy head, goblins work alongside Nightshade. Toy soldiers. Need to convince Chucklehead to lead goblins in revolution.

Can see the Little Oak walking ahead of us.

Missed a session[edit | edit source]

  • mushroom concert
  • dog funeral
  • talking oil can
  • yeeting the tabaxi
  • owlbear? Juniper
  • made a plan?

1/11 - - Shoreline of unicorn (Lamorna)'s lake (Wayward pool)[edit | edit source]

Discussion of who is wearing the unicorn costume (Wista, Tyrn, Reverie). Sasha sits on Pixia's shoulders with scissors; Pixia falls in, Sasha does not. Meri crosses ("Monty Python runs). Juniper crosses with the last three following behind. Every successfully crosses the lake. Find pyre, and light it on fire. Unicorn stands on the water of the lake, and watches us. Meri says "NEIGH" (with pazzaz). The unicorn speaks to Meri. She doesn't trust Tyrn (specifically her magic). Lamorna gives us a magic powerpoint with a lore dump.

  • Elidon's horn got stolen and used to make the evil magic. Elidon is probably alive, and prisoner to one of the hags? We need the horn, and/or Elidon to free
  • Endolen = Motherhorn is castle = most evil of the hags.
  • Dandalien named Domindor with let us into Yawn.

Unicorn is attacked by assassin.. Everyone attacks. Lamorna teleports away on her turn. Tyrn charms the Orc assassin. Zarak the Orc-> "Friend is an enemy I haven't made yet". League of Malevalance, want unicorn horn, Kilik (running the palace where Zibilna lived), wants custody of the staff, which is in the hands of Rigglerone (who is trapped with Zybina). Jabberwack lives in the palace. Scabatha is the most approachable. Endolyn is a fan of puppet shows, sad shows, and can see the future probably. Way to get back topside in Yawn.

Kilik, Wardook, Zardash, there was another that I missed lol.

Send Zarak to Nib's cave (gold cave), so he stops hunting the unicorn.

Fast travelling to Loomlurch.

Enter the goblin market, talk to Chucklehead. He has a maggot crawling around his apple toffee head. Gives his terrible backstory, but he has a happy and great outlook on life (horrifying). Meri goes candy shopping (bugs, tears of children, and just plain dirt?). Meri finds a pretty pebble, that might be a geode. Reverie breaks it open for him. They rejoin the group talking to Chucklehead. Chucklehead goes to set up the meeting with Scabatha, and we are invited into the parlor. Entering the parlor, Scabatha is seated and waiting for us. The Key is part of her body. There is a suspicious toy box in the corner of the parlor. Leveling up at end of session.

Missed a session[edit | edit source]

Tyrn saved River. Made plan to throw Scabatha into the oven. Forced Scabatha to Plane Shift away. Lots of mushrooms, got a pig, got a painting. Baby green dragon was sleeping.

2/8 - - In the Kitchen, in the Jack in the Box[edit | edit source]

Meri goes into the study, finds lots of books about the history of the Feywild, takes four books (turns to ash as soon as Meri tries to leave). Finds an hourglass with an eyeball in the bottom of it, Black feather quill (produces own ink), clockwork toad. Tyrn is devastated at the realization that her patron is the big bad of yawn. River and Pixia break the fire elemental out, it waits in the oven for a signal to burn the tree down. We go exploring. Reverie is called to a specific door, in the room she finds the horn of an alicorn *very important*. River opens the other door, picks up some mundane supplies. Reverie opens another door, finds a moss-covered pig-faced girl (Sowpig), standing in the room. Reverie pokes her with the dagger. She is not nice girl, the second-hand to Scabatha. Wants a happy memory in exchange for telling us where Reverie's name is. Reverie gives a 'happy memory' and is told that her thing is in the dollhouse, which is in the room above the study. We go up some stairs and find three children working. Pogo, Caliban, Yaveda. Do a dance and say a thing can make the mushroom circle go. Pud is a kid who will tattle. Send the kids to get stuff from the big cupboard and will meet them at the front door. We head to Scabatha's room which is unlocked. Cradlefall is written on the cradle, which is the name of the green dragon. Found dollhouse, Reverie goes over to investigate.

Reverie was able to regain her lost thing!!

Small door leads to aviary, clockwork sparrows, windows to Hither and Yawn. Squirt can get us to Yawn. Glif, Pim, Zwee, (clockwork sparrows). Scabatha and Bavlorna and Endolen letters, need to know the true name of being and unicorn horn to free from cauldron freeze. Scabatha and Bavlorna are scared of the Jabberwacky. [ *Lily's prediction* Endolen totally saw us getting the horn and will probably try to blackmail Tyrn into getting it for her]

Rocking horse is missing from the yard. Green Dragon didn't want to be pet so now we fight. Wanted his mommy, everyone took turns bonking him on the head, till he passes out. We take him out to the tree. Pincushion doll animated by Baba-yaga, loves fashion, makes Meri laugh uncontrollably for a minute. Let the pincushion go. Find some more children, rob the toy creation room, and then set the tree on fire. Sowpig tells Reverie that Tyrn works for Endalen. "Bandersnatch" before falling through mirror.

Loomlurch is set on fire and the session ends.

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