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Piers, a Face Magician (played by Julia)  
Piers, a Face Magician (played by Julia)  

[[Steve]] , a Muscle Explorer (played by Amal)  
[[Steve]], a Muscle Explorer (played by Amal)  

Nikkolas, a Scholar Professor (played by Jonathan)  
Nikkolas, a Scholar Professor (played by Jonathan)  

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Qandela Obscura is an online Illuminated Worlds community campaign that began on December of 2023.

The campaign involves investigators of Candela Obscura seeks to procure phenomena of the Flare to research and protect the world from its dangers and magick, based on the TTRPG of the same name.


In the city of Newfaire, located in the Northern end of Noma on the continent of Osubogo, a revolution has just begun. Since the cut off from all other planes, the world has fallen into a mundane forgetfulness and in this quiet area of the continent that has always been simple and mostly human, a new danger awaits.

In the settling dust of the Great No Man’s war of 27 CR, three great powers has arisen and split Newfaire among themselves. The Ascendancy, the religion of this area, The Primacy, the national government, and the Periphery, a militant police force.

Now, in 34 CR, strange happenings have begun to take hold in Newfaire’s streets, the Scarlet Woods, and the Bridleborn mountains surrounding. A realm, completely cut off from all others and nearly forgotten what dangers they hold finds itself on the threshold of another plane, The Flare. The Flare has found itself brushing against Newfaire in thinning and releasing the aberrant and eldritch horrors that those who now occupy the city, have long forgotten.

It is up to a crack team of investigators, made up of every day professors, street magicians, occultists, and even lowly criminals to find, secure and protect the citizens and keep them none the wiser. They do so by working for a quaint organization, Qandela Obscura.

Player Characters

The Circle of Prestige

Piers, a Face Magician (played by Julia)

Steve, a Muscle Explorer (played by Amal)

Nikkolas, a Scholar Professor (played by Jonathan)

Madge, a Slink Criminal (played by Gail)


Anastasia Valencia

One of the Lightkeepers of the circles of Newfaire, Osubogo, she is the owner of the Valencia Teahouses, a franchise of tea rooms that serve as a front to the offices of the several circles throughout the large city. She lives in the central tea house, but travels between them easily thanks to the faithful Gregory. She is a medium and serves as a Lightkeeper due to an accident early in her life that led her to become imbued with a phenomenon know as Touchsight; by simply touching an object, she can pin point on a map its history of travel. It gives her an ease of mind on where to send investigators but she often does not travel herself because her constitution has been weakened by the phenomenon her body houses.

Gregory Noahguy

A friend of Piers, he is the faithful taxi cabbie who serves the circles of Newfaire. He is always ready to transport anyone and help in anyway he can! He also has a soft spot for the Lightkeeper Anastasia and when he is off duty, can be found having tea wherever she is currently serving, though he’ll tell you he’s just waiting for a job.

Ariel Kelly

Secretary of the Newfaire Office of Unexplained Phenomena, she tries her best to do what’s right and send tips to Qandela Obscura whenever she thinks the investigation needs a second set of eyes. She is courting Nikkolas and enjoys magic shows.

Gio Fletcher

Once a prisoner and test subject of EONS (Exoteric Order of New Sciences), he relinquished himself to them to be used as a body guard for future venture in exchange for the safety and money to send to his sister and mother. He is acquainted with Steve.

Quinten Threadle

An older Lightkeeper that operates in Newfaire, Osubogo. He owns Threadle's Tailoring - his passion project that also doubles as a 4th Pharos access and a headquarters for a few circles within the city. He is a magician and serves as a Lightkeeper after his age and his wounds have caught up with him while working as an investigator for Candela. He is quite knowledgeable of people and a keen eye for sorting out rumor from fact - and is happy to be as helpful to the youngsters now carrying on the Candela legacy. He can be found during the day dressing and creating fashion for those from the very wealthy to those in the poorhouses with his assistants. He is constantly seen with his orange tabby cat, Marsh.

Elias Kwon

Elias has been a lightkeeper in Newfaire, Osubogo for about half a decade and has handled assignments and circles left and right. He uses his own home as a ‘lighthouse’ for circles that he works with. Old money comes with perks, and he's not one to shy away from using it as a tool. Rumors run about how his lineage predates Newfaire itself, but he and his family had successfully kept their personal matters out of the public eye. He frequents The Fourth Pharos, and if he’s not there or at home, he could be found in one of Anastasia’s teahouses, being one of her primary investors.

The Story So Far

It's likely you'll have a lot to say about the sessions or plotline so far, we we recommend linking the above text to a page called Qandela Obscura/The Story So Far

House Rules

Especially if you're running a Community Campaign, it's important to let your players know what special rules you have in play for them.

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