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'''[[QuelmarCon 2023|<--- QuelmarCon 2023]]'''
'''[[QuelmarCon 2023|<--- QuelmarCon 2023]]'''
[[File:QuelmarCon Online 1717608905860.png|center|frameless|921x921px]]

== List of Scheduled Events ==
== List of Scheduled Events ==

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<--- QuelmarCon 2023

List of Scheduled Events

Event's Title Event description Game System / Publisher / Creator Game Master/ Presenters! Tags When
Tale of QuelmARG After enrolling at QU (Quelmar University), you're excited to jump into the conversations happening at the new state of the art online student bulletin board. But when you stumble upon a very peculiar posting from a fellow student...you may find yourself going down QUITE the rabbit hole. The Tale of QuelmARG is an Alternate Reality Game told in 3 acts, released each morning of the convention. Like other ARGs, it will involve an immersive navigation of sites, puzzles, pages, and more, forcing you to hop around as you crack the codes and uncover deeper conspiracies. Play as yourself, or play as a team -- play on your phone or on your desktop at home. But remember that, like every year, only TOGETHER will the QuelmarCon community be able to save the realm in the end. Online ARG Experience (Multimedia) Rachael Huxford & James Ruth none All Weekend
Commoner's Curse You are a bunch of simple commoners from the tiny Osugbo town of Newspring and you've suddenly got access to a whole bunch of magical wands of unknown power and effect. Try them out all over town! What could possibly go wrong? This is a chaotic hijinks game using the D&D 5e system as a base. 5e-ish Talia Sturckie none Friday, May 31, 2024
The Voyage to Earth A strange turn of events has teleported you to a new plane from the Quelmar Realm. Your objective is to fight the dragon that has brought you to this new plane of existence and find your way home. Approx. run time: 3hrs-4hrs 5e Chris "Gingie" Dragon, High Level Combat Friday May 31, 2024
Aliens: RPG Welcome to the Colonial Marines! You’ve passed your basics training and are now fully fledged members of the corps, and this is your very first jump. Your objective is to secure a landing zone for the first colonists to land on a new world. A nice, easy bug hunt for your first mission. Easiest job you’ll ever do. Alien RPG Jon Combat, suspense, horror, gore Friday May 31, 2024
Deadly Diaspora Protect the town of Sparrow's Point when a comet crashes into the nearby ocean, disturbing creatures from the deep and carrying an alien invasion force of its own in this revisiting of Deadly Diaspora! Pathfinder 2e Talia Sturckie none Saturday, June 1, 2024
Pasion de los Pasiones Time for us to cause drama, love, despair all in favour of the audience! Let's make the greatest telenovela ever existing! Pasion de los Pasiones Margarita Takou none Saturday, June 1, 2024
Ten Candles The world has gone completely dark. You've been stuck in this convention center for a week and now THEY have arrived. In this tragic horror game, you'll have to attempt to outlast the darkness and find hope in the most desperate of places. Together we will make characters, set the stage and die. Doesnt that sound like a great time?! Ten Candles Mercedes Conway none Saturday, June 1, 2024
Can you Spell Apocalypse? An ancient artifact from the local museum has mysteriously disappeared, leaving only our heroes left to solve the case. With a prophecy foretold, a missing magical mirror, and one apocalypse pending, will our heroes be able to save the day? Masks: A New Generation Kade Leous none Saturday, June 1, 2024
THE WITCH IS DEAD Once upon a time, there was a kind and wise and beautiful witch who lived in the forest with her familiars, and her life was peaceful and happy until a F---ING WITCH HUNTER broken into her cottage and dragged her out and F---ING MURDERED HER and now she's DEAD. But, if you get revenge and kill him and bring his EYES to her corpse within a week she'll come back to life. Or so you've heard. Even if it doesn't work, at least he's dead. YOU are a cute woodland animal with four traits and you must work together to sneak into the village, find the witch-hunter, kill him, and get his eyes back to your witch's corpse. The Witch is Dead Talia Sturckie none Sunday, June 2, 2024
Ink Ink is an adventure where we all are dead, with our shadows helping us carry our burdens and then help us escape the intermediate place and move on to the afterlife. It is based on a snowbright studio system and we will make characters at the start of the session. Ink Margarita Takou none Sunday, June 2, 2024
Within the Wicked Wilds: Year 2 Kickoff Kicking off Year 2 with a bang! The hero’s of the Tempest Brother’s Expeditionary Company journey off to Eastern Amusa. Who knows what treasures and terrors lie in store for them… 5e Keller Mardis none Sunday, June 2, 2024
Train Heist A shadow has been cast over Halcyon’s newest hover rail as a villainous threat has taken over the train. Loaded with valuable goods heading to neighboring cities, hundreds of civilians in the passenger cars, and even a few surprises stowed in the caboose; who knows what’s in store when Halcyon’s newest hero team fights head-to-head on this elaborate train heist! Masks: A New Generation Kade Leous Character-based roleplay, Combat, Kidnapping, Villain Monologuing Sunday, June 2, 2024
Advice from Adventurers Prosper and Fabian are taking YOUR questions on tips and tricks for Adventuring in Quelmar and beyond! Relax as you settle in to rest for tomorrow's big day of gaming by listening to the dulcet tones of two soft speaking best friends in adventuring and fashion. Podcast-Style Show Mercedes & Amanda none Friday May 31, 2024
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