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Quelmar November 2023 Newsletter

Revision as of 23:02, 4 November 2023 by Spiderjjr45 (talk | contribs)

Hello Quelmarians!

Time has come for another newsletter round. If you did not have time to participate in the town hall meeting, fear not; you can catch up here or listen to the episode on our Spotify account (coming soon…)

  • We are so sorry to announce that Griffin had to step down from being Quelmar’s president. Fear not though, Mercedes is taking the wheel, and she is the new Quelmar President!
  • The Board has also decided to change the passwords across the Quelmar accounts. If you need access to one of those, please ask one of us.
  • Applications for being in the committee organizing the online Quelmarcon2024 are coming up this weekend. Look at the announcement channel on Sunday.
  • Setsucon is Quelmar’s new partner.
  • Our Twitch channel has some live shows going for this month. OUAT on Tuesdays, First Class on Wednesdays, and Talia will be running games (TTRPGs or not) on Sundays. There are still open slots for Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. If you would like to live stream your game, contact one of the Board Members for more information.
  • I hope that you all had fun at the Halloween special activities put together for you by the awesome CPR committee. Look out for more similar events coming up.
  • GM Rose had an interesting lore about SUPERS.
  • If you are looking for tables to be part of, check out Quelmarch, Wicked Wilds, Open Sands, and Candela Obscura. They are all looking for new players.

That’s all folks! Remember to be nice to each other and have fun. Reach out to the Board if you have any questions or suggestions.

Keep rolling crits!

Margarita on behalf of the CPR committee.

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