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Steve nolastname
Relatives Piers - Dad

James - Grandma

Affiliations Candela Obscura - Circle of The Prestige
Date of Birth A year after the start of the Shiver
Place of Birth unkown
Height 6′ 0" 180 cm
Eye Color Brown

Steve is a nineteen years old Muscle Explorer.

Intro[edit | edit source]

An orphan found by James while trying to live on the streets, being homed by James allowed him to go to school and live a normal life. Until he was near a phenomena on a walk to class where he may had encountered some bleed, Candela and OUP were on scene and they found some weird reaction from their bleed detector... he seems to be okay... nothing on him indicated bleed... but the detector still went off which forced Candela to welcome him into their rank.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tall and fit, short unkempt brown hair, dark brown eyes. Is usually waring made to fit black jeans suit.

Personality[edit | edit source]

A himbo.

Doesn't have a lot of opinions but if he feels strongly about something, you will know. He can be rash and quick to anger, but thats why he has his circle, to rein him in.

History[edit | edit source]

Was born in the beginning of the shivers, --- to be exact, to a single mom who gave him a lot of affection, at least from what he remembers. She had a kind smile and whenever he tries to remember her, he feels her warmth. He doesn’t know how he lost her, but he knows why, the last great war.  

His years from 4-10 are uncharted, he can’t remember anything, just that he woke up one day next to Newfaire central railway station and was lost and hungry. And he was like that until James found him and offered him shelter. From 10-18 he was raised like a family; James never made him feel like a charity case and gave him the same treatment one would give to kin.

After turning 18 and getting a scholarship (he's book smart sometimes, if he tries) to study archeology at Briarbank College, he decided to move out, although he keeps on visiting James and her two cats. In his first semester he got involved with a phenomena on his way to school which led to him being investigated and ended with an invitation into candela by Anastasia.  

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Piers[edit | edit source]

Piers quick care and protectiveness over him surprised Steve. He admires Piers so much and believes he can do no wrong, and if he did it's for a reason! Being a magician's assistant with no understanding of magick is a hard thing to be and he makes a lot of mistakes, but Piers never got angry with him and always had the time to teach him. He's never had a father figure in his life but Piers is dad.

James[edit | edit source]

A large part of Steve upbringings, from age ten to eighteen, James raised him as another son, giving him the same affections if not more, after she found him lost and trying to get by (mostly by stealing). He respects James so much and will literally do anything to keep her safe. He has been advocating for her retirement since he knew of her involvement in candela, she has been telling him that she will retire for a year now. James’s son and his kids keep correspondence with Steve. He knows about her husband but just recently, after he got recruited into candela, did he learn that there's a mystery surrounding his death.

Gio[edit | edit source]


Missons[edit | edit source]

Mission to the shipwreck.[edit | edit source]

The demons themselves made this vault. Reading through the papers it looks like they made it 10 years ago before the war. Supposed to seal artifacts that were contaminated by bleed. Failed. Per usual. Somethings are redacted, but there was a huge red stamp that read abort. That tells us why this has been abandoned.  

Amelie Fontaine. I will always be her friend.

Fuck. It really doesn’t stop for them. They keep on taking and taking. And from who? Children. The reliquary.  

She held this fucking place up for 10 years. Unchanging. Fucking EONS. The reliquary, inhumane.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Behind Me. Mind over Matter.

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