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Thia Thalassar is a Half-Elf Rogue from the city of Glengary in Amusa. Last seen in the Atla Campaign.

Physical Appearance [edit | edit source]

Thia is rather small, in both height and shape. She's 5'4" and 125 lbs. It's easy to tell from a look at her that she's had it rough. She looks as though she was undernourished growing up, yet she has the lithe form of a fighter. She's fairly dark-skinned, a mix of genetics and the natural tan of a life out of doors, with golden eyes from her elf side. Her hair is currently rather unfortunate. The coloring is beautiful, a black so dark it hints at blue in certain lights, but it's been sheared short. It's as if she had her hair cut by a blind person off the street in the middle of the night with a dull knife. As a rogue, she wears dark clothing naturally. Hers are rather threadbare and cheap.

Personality [edit | edit source]

Thia is a quiet and withdrawn person, hesitant to bond with new people and not the first to speak. She never quite learned social etiquette so can sometimes come off poorly to others at first. Not necessarily as rude, but just odd, as she doesn't have the same social skills others have. This causes her to not physically react to situations often with facial expression. Where others would laugh or frown in response to things, Thia often maintains a neutral face. And while these attributes have made it difficult to form bonds with people, once a bond has been made, she's loyal for life. When a friend is in dangerous, she's the first to jump into the fight no matter the danger and quick to retaliate against someone who hurt a friend.

Being a rogue, she doesn't really adhere to the law and her morals differ from others. She doesn't hesitate to steal things that look valuable. She does follow her own moral code, which is focused on friends rather than any particular ideals.

History [edit | edit source]

Most of her personal history is unknown to others. Her own name wasn't even revealed to party members until the second session. What is known is that she's a thief, and absolutely does not want to be in Glengary if possible. Prior to the Atla Campaign, she had developed a bond with Xen.

Languages [edit | edit source]

Common, Elvish, Halfling. Also knows the written symbols of Thieves' Cant.

Powers and Abilities [edit | edit source]

She's very skilled at stealth, often hiding in combat. She can see in the dark much better than others, and is rarely surprised in encounters.

Weapons [edit | edit source]

Her most used is her shortbow, though she uses a rapier in hand-to-hand combat.

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