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airships are ships that travel by air, rather than sea.

History[edit | edit source]

Tolmè's Ships[edit | edit source]

In 827PR Tolmè Pendergras introduced Isonhound and eventually the greater world of Quelmar to the amazing technology of air ships.

The development of this technology, driven by the need to support the war effort against Tiamat, quickly spread to the other continents at his behest. Cities and organizations undertook the arduous tasks of establishing their own airship construction. Resources, knowledge and manpower were all focused on supply and transport to the war front on Kiston.

The construction processes were streamlined, designs and safety were improved as many more craftsmen rose to the challenge. Eventually as time went on, the need for the war effort was satisfied and maintained. Cities and companies, seeing great opportunity, began to turn their attention to the use of these ships for civilian use.

In Galik in particular, the largest city on the continent of Amusa and all of Quelmar, being able to traverse the city’s length by air was adopted very quickly by the Lyreguard as a compliment to their Griffon riders. Air Skiffs (smaller airships) could carry a full complement of troops as well as prisoners and resources. They would also offer respite for an injured Griffon in an emergency. Soon after government officials and private ferrying companies formed and adopted air skiffs for moving people and resources quickly around the city.

As the technology and innovation improved, older models were discarded and often sold off. A used ship business developed that made airship ownership available to those that were not very wealthy or government subsidized.

By 892 PR, airships are a common presence in the skies over Galik. Large freighters come and go between ports all over Quelmar. Air docks were constructed over the water docks and a brisk import/export business on both air and water flows through the city.

Smaller skiffs bearing cargo, people or a combination of both, zip over the rooftops of the city with the Lyreguard patrolling their flight lanes and keeping traffic orderly. The pattern of travel mirrors the roads below. Landing ports throughout the city on both street level and rooftops allow for embarking.

Larger ships, with a few notable exceptions, are restricted from travel over the city and are diverted around the perimeter. This rule gave rise to air ship ports being constructed encircling the city at various locations.

The Tempest Brothers Expeditionary Company resides in one of the smaller private shipyards. Two aged ships sit on moorings, older propeller engines off. A worn and rusty but serviceable two story hangar building, that can just fit either of the two ships in its single bay, stands on the street side of the yard. The freshly painted maroon and gold sign bearing the name of the company hanging over the front doorway.

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