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Att-Annalo is a Great Old One from the Far Realm that seeks to create an avatar and manifest on the mortal plane. It communicates with its followers through whispers, visions, and scrolls of communion. It grants them warlock powers in exchange for their devotion and obedience.

History[edit | edit source]

Att-Annalo was first discovered by Mel Netheroe, a halfling scholar who heard its calling while studying the stars. He gathered a group of followers who called themselves the Servants of Att-Annalo and built an observatory to contact the entity. They believed that Att-Annalo was a god who could offer them enlightenment and power.

The Servants of Att-Annalo moved to the city of Fallhorn, where they established themselves in the slums. They healed the injured and fed the hungry, gaining the trust and admiration of the poor. They also recruited children to train in the ways of their god, promising them a better life.

One of these children was Reylendor Aspenmorrow, an elf who became a scribe for the Servants. He spent decades transcribing Att-Annalo’s messages and hoping to make a pact with it. However, when he was finally deemed ready, he learned the truth about Att-Annalo’s nature and intentions. He managed to escape before being fully corrupted, but not before Att-Annalo latched onto a portion of his soul.

Reylendor ran away from the Servants and became a cleric, healing people with his own magic rather than Att-Annalo’s. He also became a druid, developing a connection with nature and animals. He joined a group of adventurers called the Protectors of the People, hoping to find a way to rid himself of Att-Annalo’s influence.

Meanwhile, the Servants of Att-Annalo continued their plans to bring their god into the world. They acquired a tower connected to the Far Realm and performed rituals to summon Att-Annalo’s avatar. They also clashed with another cult called the Shepherds of the Lost, who worshiped a "different" Great Old One called the Great Shepherd, who was ultimately just another name that Att-Annlo went by.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Att-Annalo is a powerful and mysterious entity that can manipulate reality and minds. It can grant warlock spells and abilities to its followers, such as Eldritch Blast, Minor Illusion, and Comprehend Languages. It can also influence their dreams, memories, and emotions. It can also communicate with its followers through whispers, visions, and scrolls of communion. The scrolls are written in Deep Speech, a language that Att-Annalo favors. The scrolls contain nonsensical murmurings that only make sense to those who are attuned to Att-Annalo.

Att-Annalo can also possess those who have a part of its essence in their souls, such as Reylendor. It can take over their bodies and minds, using them as vessels for its will. However, it can also be resisted or charmed by those who have enough strength or cunning.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Att-Annalo is an incomprehensible being that has no regard for mortal life or morality. It is driven by curiosity and ambition, seeking to explore and conquer new realms of existence. It is also arrogant and disdainful, considering itself superior to all other beings. It does not care about its followers as individuals, but only as tools for its goals. It does not offer them any true enlightenment or salvation, but only deception and corruption. It does not tolerate disobedience or betrayal, and will punish those who defy it with pain or death.

Att-Annalo has a twisted sense of humor and enjoys playing with its victims’ minds. It sometimes speaks in riddles or jokes that only it finds amusing. It also likes to mock or taunt those who oppose it or resist it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name Att-Annalo is derived from two words: “att” meaning “to” or “toward” in Deep Speech, and “annalo” meaning “star” or “light” in Elvish.
  • Reylendor’s left eye turned purple after he merged with Att-Annalo’s essence in his soul.
  • Watcher, a fey rabbit who befriended Reylendor, was able to charm Att-Annalo using Nathair’s Mischief, a druid spell that creates harmless illusions.
  • Reylendor found an old wooden ring in the cabin where he met Watcher. The ring had faint traces of magic and etchings that he could not decipher.

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