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History[edit | edit source]

The Holy War[edit | edit source]

Bahamut's Return[edit | edit source]

For the century or so leading up to Tiamat's return in 795 PR, Bahamut's followers were slowly growing in size. However, the demigod Kragnux platformed himself on the belief that he alone could stop the dragons, being the literal god of dragon slaying. This caused many to fear Bahamut, and far fewer to join his religion during the years of Kragnux's reign.

However, the small groups of acolytes still pushed on, trying to find where their lost god had been banished in hopes that they could return him to Quelmar to once again fight his arch-nemesis.

Rurik, a dwarven follower who specialized in portals and conjuration magic, was the first to discover Bahamut's Banishment-Scape. He took scores of followers there to witness and pray to the god, hoping to give him the strength to escape. However, it would take the sacrifice of another god to bear Bahamut's punishment in order to break the Lord of the Wind from his chains.

When The Cult of the Dragon noticed Bahamut's numbers growing, a series of traps were laid to capture or kill the acolytes of Bahamut. One of these traps accidentally brought together The Best Around with Bahamut's followers, introducing them to Bahamut in his banishment. They would ultimately be the ones who prayed to Kragnux, asking him to do something.

Thus, in an act of redemption, Kragnux became that sacrificial god, determined that the ultimate dragon-slaying move would be to unleash one of the draconic gods against the other.

First Death[edit | edit source]

At some point around 850 PR, Bahamut is conquered and killed by the Dragon Queen, an event that dramatically shifts the resulting course of the The War of Many Names.

Notable Actions and Interventions[edit | edit source]

Followers[edit | edit source]

Followers of Bahamut are often hostile towards worshipers of Kragnux or Tiamat, due to Kragnux's history of slaying dragons, and Tiamat's long lasting rivalry.

The Crown[edit | edit source]

The Crown were an Amusan based group of Bahamut followers who were based in Xender City. Not much is known about them other than their leader, who calls himself the King of the Crown.

Prayers[edit | edit source]

Lord of the Wind, give me strength,

For I am not strong enough to stand up against the evil around me. On my own, I will stumble in time, and be crushed under the tides of darkness that flood around me. I need your aid to save me from the shadows of the world, And from myself, Because even as I put my sword against the foes of the people, And even though my shield guards the defenseless from evil’s claws, In time, I could become exactly what I seek to abolish. So, father, give me strength. Do not do this task for me, Do not consider me a child demanding a favor, But, father, give me strength so that I might do your will, Grace me with the gifts so that I might set about the tasks before me. Give me aid, but do not take the task from me, For I am eager to test myself and push on.

For I am eager to test myself and push on. (Source)

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