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Xender City

Type City
Government Elected Democracy
Location The Kingdom of Xender Pleth

Xender City is the capital city of the The Kingdom of Xender Pleth on the continent of Amusa and was founded by notable hero and pioneer, Xender Pleth.

About[edit | edit source]

Xender City is carved into the edge of the border between Abzcar Canyon and the Geyser Greenwood. This city sit precariously between the two regions, carved into the face of the canyon's edge. As such it can be difficult to navigate on your own without wings or a guide to help you navigate the large number of tunnels that connect the city in the cliff face. Most of the homes are either carved from the cliff itself or built from highly durable obsidian harvested from the magma fields below.

The dangerous lands of lava and flame make Xender City a treacherous place to live, especially as those who live in the lower levels of the city must deal with the intense heats and occasional lava flows where the lava rises from the canyon floor. But what can be reaped from the land make it worth it, as Xender City is bountiful with precious metals and rare gemstones hidden beneath the magma and rock.

History[edit | edit source]

Xender City was originally founded by the hero Xender Pleth originally as a mining town when he communed with the fifteen Phoenixes who nested in the region. Then during the realm war it became the capital for his growing kingdom which stretched all from the canyon to the eastern seas of Amusa. From here as well the monarchy was established with an elaborate obsidian castle being built at its outskirts in the following years. The city and the kingdom as a whole would go on to face great prosperity in the following years, establishing themselves as a legitimate power in Amusa.

In the years between 790-795PR Xender City would sere as one of the sites of Tiamat's attacks as she returned to the realm. But the people of Xender City were strong and resilient and were quickly able to bounce back from this horrid tragedy.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The city itself while under the monarchy is overseen by fifteen elected officials who manage the city and its laws. Much of Xender City's economy is based around the trade of precious metals to blacksmiths and tool makers so the metals could be refined into usable goods. These ancient metals, the magical stones that can be uncovered in the region, and the rare fauna that can be harvested have attracted many metallurgists, alchemist, crafters, and artists alike making Xender City a hub for artifice and creative activity.

The city reveres and celebrates the fifteen phoenixes who still nest in the region to this day. Once every year the phoenix's return to raise their young and their return is celebrated by a great festival.

Due to the city's proximity to Abzcar Canyon, it sees many travelers from the Elemental Plane of Fire as the regions is home to many gateways to the plane. It is not uncommon for the city to receive traders from the plane including the likes of beings such as Fire Giants and Efreeti.  

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