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Belial the Devourer
"Let's make a deal."
Languages Infernal, Undercommon, Common
Species Archdevil
Gender Male
Height 7' 6"
Weight 300 lbs
Eye Color Void Black

Belial the Devourer is an archdevil in the business of brokering deals and acquiring souls. He was a part of the minor fiendish renaissance in Levinkan in the late PR era, along with Theophilus and others.

History[edit | edit source]

Commander in the Infernal Emergences[edit | edit source]

Belial increased in rank and renown in both Infernal Emergences. After the Second Infernal Emergence, Asmodeus promoted Belial to rule Stygia, the fifth level of the Ten Hells. This power placated the Devourer's appetite for awhile, but he eventually grew restless. The Pact Primeval constrained his ambitious plans with its stipulations that "Corporeal devils are limited to harming other fiends" and "Devils may not influence mortals to commit evil." Belial began a secret campaign negotiating deals with mortals without Asmodeus' knowledge, carefully skirting the definition of "evil."

Patron of Dorothea Doubtice[edit | edit source]

Dorothea Doubtice was an old woman approaching the end of her life in 1250 PR. Her husband needed healing, and Belial offered to help in return for a favor: retrieving an evil artifact from the Zobeck Art Gallery. After a successful transaction, Dorothea sought more power and youth by working with Belial further.

Belial and Dorothea signed a contract penned by Belial, seen below. The arrangement involved gifting Dorothea a Vessel of Belial. After being attuned, this vessel could take the appearance of any small or medium vessel desired, such as an urn, a flask, or a cookie jar. Dorothea chose the third. The attuned could use their reaction to open the vessel, and any souls of creatures that had died in the past 6 seconds within 60 feet would be captured into the vessel. This vessel can hold up to 100 souls.

Blood War Commander[edit | edit source]

After Belial had acquired enough souls to fuel an attack in the war against demons, he no longer needed to interface with the mortals who had signed these contracts. After not returning to the Material Plane for several weeks (longer than 14 days), almost all of these signees forfeited their souls. A small band of five managed to summon Belial during Sparklesmas, and were a part of the few to survive this purging.

A blank copy of the contract signed by Dorothea and Belial.

Acquisition of Souls[edit | edit source]

A partial list of the souls acquired by Belial the Devourer:

  • at least four souls of former patrons who broke a contract with Belial
  • seven souls from the Pillar of Galathea taken from the Zobeck Art Gallery
  • nine souls from the head of the wight guised as "Theodosia Catchford"

After this, he would collect more and more souls from a variety of Zobeck denizens, such as Scar, as well as those further off, such as the Amusan Lorelei Aloysius.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Belial summons items, bestows powers, and completes his end of deals with a snap of his fingers. He has been seen to emerge and disappear in clouds of smoke.

Dorothea's Vessel of Belial after attunement.
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