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DolmHarm Regality
"All Rivers Lead to DolmHarm"
Government Direct Democracy
Allies No Man's Kingdom, Troverth Dynasty
Enemies Champerty
Primary Race Human, Genasi

About[edit | edit source]

The DolmHarm Regality aided Troverth against Champerty on the Phantom Front.

Platoons organized by DolmHarm were known as Divisions.

History[edit | edit source]

Self-proclaimed “lords of deep water”, members of the DolmHarm Regality are on a mission to claim the Dolm Bay to the north after being driven out of it during the holy war. The Dolm and Harm bloodlines ran several small tribes and thriving nomadic communities that lived off the bay and its surrounding rivers hundreds of years ago before the dragons reigned. While the Dolm and Harm families are nothing more than figureheads in this kingdom, their claim to the land rings true in the ears of all its citizens, many of which have dedicated the last decade of their lives in trying to push back feral forces.  Now with the war over, their descendants are on a mission to reclaim what their family rightfully owned from from hordes of goblins, orcs, and kobolds in the area. While their goals are small, it’s brought them into big trouble.

Since the end of the war, Baron Kentish Shipout returned to the region after facing dragons in the kingdom now known as Cragbound. His goal was to look for survivors of the war, and to his surprise, a group of Dolm and Harm descendants knelt before him as the man destined to lead them back to their promised land.

Their biggest victory a few years ago was reaching the coast of the bay, but they face fierce competition from not just the feral races, but also the Champerty Region, a group of powerful mages and mystics who are now attempting to claim the rivers in attempts to move their kingdom closer to Troverth in the south. They were the first to face Champerty on the battlefield when a scouting party encountered a group of Genasi mystics, and in the resulting skirmish, word of DolmHarm’s attempts to claim the river led to a small but powerful group of water genasi to join their ranks.

When word spread that DolmHarm was challenged Champerty, Troverth quickly took DolmHarm under its care, providing them with expert weapons, training, and resources. In doing so, Troverth also brought Champerty into its formal alliance with No Man’s Kingdom, and the three of them now live in an uneasy peace. While No Man’s Kingdom is free to continue its exploits east, they have not dared move towards DolmHarm. Their official reason is that DolmHarm’s people follow the manifest destiny of ancient elders, and not the true ruler. But DolmHarm citizens know it is Troverth’s protection that keeps them safe.

In 10 PR, DolmHarm was one of three kingdoms targeted by The LaCroix Conspiracy, influencing their commanders to push soldiers west on the Osugbo continent.

Notable Towns[edit | edit source]

Marharm[edit | edit source]

Marharm was the first non-nomadic town established in the kingdom after the dragons died out. It was burned down in 9 PR by an unknown magician. The city would rebuild itself as New MarHarm.

Dolmvay[edit | edit source]

Though it would later go on to become the metropolis capital of the north Osugbo region, Dolmvay started as a traveling nomadic tribe of river-folk led by the Dolm bloodline.

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