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Genasi are a rare race of humanoids that inhabit all corners of the Realm.

About[edit | edit source]

Genasi are the offspring of the magical Genie race, found throughout the elemental planes, and non-magical mortal creatures of the material plane.

History[edit | edit source]

After War of Essence, which brought the elemental planes of existence closer into harmonic alignment with the material plane, the number of Genasi in the realm began to skyrocket.

During Realm War I, many Genasi in Osugbo experienced arguably some of the most free lives in an era where rampant racism was still prevalent among pureblooded kingdoms such as LaCroix. Despite not being human, Genasi were one of the very few humanoid races that could be found throughout the Troverth Dynasty, where their elemental heritage was said to have linked them inherently to the natural spirits of the realm, and often they were considered oracles or avatars of nature and humanity. Further west in Champerty they were celebrated for having the magical blood of Genies, and their natural magics were harnessed and nurtured to help many genasi grow into full mages.

Genasi Types[edit | edit source]

Fire Genasi[edit | edit source]

Water Genasi[edit | edit source]

The Water Genasi of Quelmar often have Marid Blood, but have been found to have considerable Locathah blood as well.

Air Genasi[edit | edit source]

Earth Genasi[edit | edit source]

Magma Genasi[edit | edit source]

To create a paragenasi like a Magma Genasi, a single parent must be a Genie, while the other parent must already carry elemental blood, either by being a Genasi themself, or by being more distantly descended. In the case of a Magma Genasi, Efreet and Dao blood must combine in the bloodline, but not directly (otherwise the child would be full Genie).

Notable Genasi[edit | edit source]

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