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The Eye Inside
Years Active 980 BR - 25 PR (45 years)
Government Shared Autocracy (𐍅eb𐍅eaver)
Allies None
Enemies Many, notably Troverth Dynasty and later Glendoveer
Primary Race Human, Elan, Genasi

Champerty was the name of a penal-colony turned kingdom that reigned for a small period of time during the Holy War into Realm War I.

Champerty was focused primarily on teaching and expanding the mystical and magical arts, and was one of the greatest concentrations of spellcasters and mystics in all of Quelmar history.

About[edit | edit source]

The paranormal reigns in Champerty. The Natural energies of the Weave are heightened in the Champerty region thanks to their long residence there, and the birth rate of gifted individuals is unusually high, even to unpowered parents.

In the decades since its establishment, Champerty has grown out into its own mystical culture, home to the biggest monasteries, wizarding schools, and other paranormal establishments. Those Troverthians who kept the penal colony in order have either assimilated or been “removed from power”.

Paragnosts[edit | edit source]

𐍅eb𐍅eaver[edit | edit source]

The Grand Paragnost of the kingdom, a clairvoyant by the name of 𐍅eb𐍅eaver (Pronounced Web-Weaver), is an elf-blooded Elan who believes in the balance of magic and mysticism, and also claims to be able to see every bad event coming to Champerty. In past 8 years since the Realm War has started, however, her powers have wavered with the massive increase in threats from around the world, turning her into a nervous wreck of a leader with poor judgement. However, her mental abilities keep anyone from taking her throne, and Champerty, despite its powerful forces, and subject to the senseless demands of 𐍅eb𐍅eaver.

Sheet-𐍅eaver[edit | edit source]

The Sheet-𐍅eaver of Champerty (also called the Pargnost of the Mind) was in charge of a number of posts, including being the Governor of the capital region of Phrencis (and mayor of capital city Friþleas). The Mind Paragnost was also the headmaster of the Corpsus Academy located nearby. In 10 PR the Sheet-𐍅eaver was Lin Yphitthae, an elan who perished inBreakwater's Bamboozle, replaced by Thurdan Presmaris.

Orb-𐍅eaver[edit | edit source]

The Orb-𐍅eaver of Champerty (also called the Paragnost of the Weave) was the governor of the Somal Tomachi region, and also worked as headmaster of the Drȳcræft Drīfan University of Magicks. In 10 PR the Orb-𐍅eaver was Neoscona, an elf.

Mesh-𐍅eaver[edit | edit source]

The Mesh-𐍅eaver of Champerty (also called the Paragnost of the Heart) was the governor of the Cardimelech region, and also worked as headmaster of the Elemental Monestaries. In 10 PR the Mesh-𐍅eaver was Cicurina Baronia, a genasi.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Phrenicus[edit | edit source]

  • Friþleas, the capital of the kingdom (though not the seat of the 𐍅eb𐍅eaver)

Cardimelech[edit | edit source]

Somal Tomachi[edit | edit source]

Arechi[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Founded as a penal colony during the Holy War against the dragons, Champerty was the Troverth Dynasty’s answer to rising populations of magical and mystical. A traditional sword-and-shield based empire, Troverth saw mutated and gifted individuals as traitors to the pure blood of their long-regime. To keep their “normal” citizens’ morale high, they kept the gifted out of sight, encouraging the strength of the sword over the wand. Those who gave up their natural talents could stay, but none ever took the offer.

Realm War I[edit | edit source]

Visions of Champerty being destroyed has led to 𐍅eb𐍅eaver to push for a campaign east, to take back the lands that belong to Troverth, and wreck revenge on those who prisoned them to begin with. The quickest route inland was the rivers, but those were blocked by the DolmHarm Regality, leading 𐍅eb𐍅eaver to declare war on both regions as they fight southeast towards Troverth.

Being a coastal kingdom, many elves from Isonhound across the sea have already made the journey to join this massive colony of gifted mystics and magicians, leading to a large mixed population of races within the schools. However, Champerty has also begun taking in refugees from Isonhound who are not part of their mystic training program. Being refugees themselves, they shelter the elves, fairies, satyr, and others who are fleeing from Woldlin’s magical wrath. While not directly in touch with the Glendoveer Queen, there is a shared respect between these the two regions. 

The Phantom Front was a major front in Champerty's defensive campaign in the first Realm War.

During the War, Champerty used small platoons of teleporting soldiers to rescue any of their own POWs, and to kidnap elite members of the opposition. The Phantom Front was one such place where these actions took place. The OathWielders were one group of POWs that were rescued on the front, in part thanks to member Niebelung being a student of Champerty's Corpsus Academy.

Going into 11 PR, Champerty began to have rocky tensions with Glendoveer across the sea, and one early instance of open hostility came in the form of The Ice Wall Embargo, during which teams of mages were shipped out just off the west coast to generate massive ice walls that kept ships from passing into Champert waters and docking in the kingdom. It was because of these embargoes that Drake's Deal occurred, which ultimately led to the death of hundreds of innocent refugees.

Institutions[edit | edit source]

A map of public Champerty institutions as of 10 PR.

Part of Champerty's massive growth and dominance over their chunk of the realm came from their heavy emphasis education. According to the 𐍅eb𐍅eaver and the Paragnosts, an educated society could rule over the ignorant in no time at all. Because of this, Champerty became home to the highest concentration of educational institutions in all of Quelmar's history, totaling over 90 schools within the small borders of the region. Some of the most prominent include:

To see a full list of Champerty's Institutions, click here.

Banned Topics[edit | edit source]

Some topics were banned from being taught within Champerty, including:

  • Divine Magic, including Paladin and Clerical magic
  • Draconic Magic
  • Any form or semblance of Necromancy

Society[edit | edit source]

The Web of Champert Society
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