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February 2024 Newsletter

Hello Quelmarians!

Welcome to the February newsletter, with a nice list of announcements...

-Quelmarcon 2024 tickets are now on sale! The dates are 31st of May to 2nd of June, online. Tickets for now are discounted and it is only 10$ for GMs and 15$ for Players till April 15th. If you want to buy tickets, check out the (too) detailed instructions on the discord channel #quelmarcon24.

Tickets can be purchased here

Nell, Chris and Margarita, aka your organization committee, are more than willing to assist and take any suggestions (there is also a channel: #qc24-suggestions).

-We're looking to make a Digital Edition of the book. If you have any edits, please send information to Talia, Mercedes or Margarita.

-We made it to Setsucon and the event was very successful! We offered games to over 90 players and we raised $500 for future Quelmarnation’s use!

-If you would like to run a twitch game, we are still accepting ideas.

-We, the board and Moderation Committee felt that we should have a few official rules for the non-profit organization. The new Code of Conduct and Consequences have been posted in the Discord Announcements. Check it out! (And thank especially Talia for her hard work on it).

-Volunteer opportunities in the very near future and Fundraising: • Event at Senior Living center in State College • Remember you can bring soda cans to the library! 1000 cans is $100! • You can connect your Microsoft Gives to select Quelmar and donate every time you search!

-Keep an eye out for the Feywild Tea Party coming in May.

-Current Twitch broadcasts: • Tuesday Nights is Once Upon a Town. • COMING SOON! Depths of the Durma, ocean exploration horror using Year Zero.

-Various Events roundup: • State College, let the DMs know when you prefer for the next megagame, see their channel for the survey. • Congrats to Jeff for winning Queopardy! • Mercedes hosted on the 12-13th of February a Valentine's Commission Raffle with great success. • 14h of Feb- Valen-ten Candles! Which was “a speed dating in an apocalypse, no one will survive, but maybe you'll fall in love”. The author, aka me, is sad to be in the wrong timezone to have taken part in that.

-If you are looking for more gaming opportunities, check out the Open Games: • Quelmarch (run by Geoff) • Painted Sands (run by Jon) • Online Community Campaign, Candela Obscura • State College Community Campaign, Wicked Wilds

Last but not least, the February’s townhall is taking part on the 28th of February, 8pm on discord. Please pop in and say “haaaaaalllooooo” (yes, with that many a’s and o’s) to Mercedes.

On behalf of the CPR committee, Margarita

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