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Quelmarch is an online Westmarch styled community campaign that began in September 2023.

The campaign involves adventurers setting out on adventures as a part of [name tbd], a realmtrotting adventuring group led by Aurus Silverclaw and the Vanguard.

It takes place during 924 PR during the Second Holy War phase of the The War of Many Names.

About[edit | edit source]

Players take on different adventures as they explore the different continents of the Quelmar Realm. There is (planned) emphasis on including material from the Curated Chronicles of Quelmar.

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

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NPCs[edit | edit source]

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The Story So Far[edit | edit source]

It's likely you'll have a lot to say about the sessions or plotline so far, we we recommend linking the above text to a page called Quelmarch/The Story So Far

House Rules (aka Most of the Common Community/Quelmar Campaign House Rules)[edit | edit source]

-All directions of movement, including diagonals, are 5 feet.

-Taking a critical hit while making death saving throws is 1 automatic fail, not 2.

-Ammunition and Carrying Capacity are not tracked, although it may be determined on a case by case basis if you are carrying too much of something.

-It's assumed that players buy basic spellcasting components in town between sessions. Very expensive components (ex. diamonds) are still tracked and necessary.

-An Inspiration Point can be used to "De-Inspire" an enemy check, save, or attack.

-Allies and enemies in a line of fire do not provide half-cover (unless they actively choose to provide cover for someone else).

-The Flanking variant rule is in play, allowing players to get advantage if they attack an enemy from two opposing sides.

-Players can cast 2 spells on their turn as long as one is a bonus action, and is not limited to Cantrip actions only.

-Critical Hits:

  1. Calculate the maximum possible damage value.
  2. Roll the normal damage dice pool and record the result.
  3. Add up the totals together.
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