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Scavaging Tables[edit | edit source]

Early on, the campaign's priority was survival on a mysterious island, and the following basic crafting systems were implemented for use in sessions 1-3. Depending on the success of a Survival check, the players could roll up to 4d10 and check this table.

(1-4)d10 Item Uses
1 Sand Useless
2 Fertile Soil Food
3 Dirt Structure
4 Flower $$$$
5 Feather $$$$
6 Berries Food
7 Rocks Structure
8 Shell Weapon
9 Ash Fire
10 Butterfly $$$$
11 Charcoal Structure
12 Salt Food
13 Tall Grass Rope
14 Reeds Rope
15 Clay adhesive
16 Thick Branches Structure
17 Flint Fire
18 Fern Foliage Structure
19 Mushroom Food
20 Manure adhesive
21 Sapling Rope
22 Nuts Food
23 Egg Food
24 Spider Web adhesive
25 Carrot Food
26 Durian Food
27 Vines Rope
28 Seaweed Rope
29 Bones Structure
30 Eggplant Food
31 Claw Weapon
32 Birds Nest (empty) Rope
33 Seeds Food
34 Mango Food
35 Gold Nugget $$$$
36 Teeth Weapon
37 Hot Peppers Weapon
38 Ichor Paste (Wyvern Gland Resin) adhesive
39 Thorns Weapon
40 Kiston Crystal $$$$

Crafting Table[edit | edit source]

In combination with the scavenging above, the following rules guided what the players could create using what they scavenged.

Axe Weapon+Adhesive/Rope
Shovel Structure+Adhesive/rope
Saw Weapon+Adhesive/Rope
Hammer Structure+Adhesive/rope
Torch Fire+Structure
Campfire Structure+Fire
Traps Food+Structure+Rope
Rope Rope
Tent Structure+Adhesive+Rope
Fishing Rod Structure+rope
Net Rope+adhesive/rope
Backpack Structure+adhesive/rope
Spear Weapon+Structure
Bow+Arrow Structure+Rope+Weapon
Sword Weapon
Wall/Fence Structure+Rope/adhesive

Session Outlines[edit | edit source]

Session 1[edit | edit source]

Session 1: Outlive

Players start with no spell slots, level 1 exhaustion.

Both can be fixed on a long rest.

Wake two people up on beach

See one person out at Sea

Combat with SeaSerpantfolk

Find two more people underwater.

Quippers (Pirahnas) in the water


-List of items they can find

-Includes natural things like coconuts, large palms, etc

-Remnants of their ship (AND OTHER SHIPS)

---weapons, armor

Island Checks

-Crossing large rivers/ravines

-Climbing Cliffs

-Constitution Saving versus more exhaustion

Bottle-Episode Esque bit where the players explain what they can do to each other, what good skills they have as far as surviving goes. · Emphasis: Players get to know each other · As the storm starts to subside at dawn, they can explore, search for life, any indication of where they are, etc. But the beaches seem to go on for a while, and the land seems untouched. · Survival checks to hunt down material and such. Maybe start working on weapons. If the players go too far east/west on the beach, have a coastal encounter with the large decapod

More Scavenging and Exploring - Possible Giant Frogs or Giant Eagle Attacks

Ends with Discovery of the Blue Dragon in the Cave

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