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"This Island. It does things to you. It absorbs you."

Presidith was a cowardly red dragon who was raised on the island of Kiston in the early BR era. He was named by Mathias Edgar La Croix, Jr. after being rescued by him and his friends. His name means Hope in Draconic.

Dragons typically have unique hoards that reflect that dragon's preferences, Presidith's hoard was made of as many bones as he could gather, a result of The Venship giving him many bones as a wyrmling when they rescued him.

About[edit | edit source]

Gymir would call Presidith Mini-Ven.

Part of Presidith's ongoing fear related to his nightmares about The Big Hole, a space in the Crystal City where dragon bodies were fed to the World Breaker.

Because of his ongoing fear and trauma, Presidith never left the island of Kiston, and was largely unaware of the joys in the outside world until Eldrina's familiar Kragnux showed telepathic glimpses of the world to Presidith. As a result, despite feeling Tiamat's urges to fight, Presidith stayed behind and never saw much war, in essence keeping him from becoming an "evil" red dragon like many others on the island.

History[edit | edit source]

When Presidith was a baby, he was stolen by Draco-Orcs in the name of Jatil Jivelg in a power move meant to give Jatil a card to hold over the powerful royal Red dragons of the island. However, Jatil was too late to claim his prize, appearing only hours after The Venship had already conquered the Draco-Orcs, stealing the baby Presidith from their cave, and running into the woods with the baby successfully reverse-kidnapped.

Presidith was brought to the Vecna Campsite where the Fated Five consoled it and gave it food, treats, toys, and even taught it a few basic tricks like "play dead" and "fetch" which were strategic moves to be used as a last resort to get him out of battle or safely disengaged by enemies. After another failed attempt to steal the baby again by Jatil, Presidith was brought up the mountain where his mother Nuri was able to detect his presence, hunting down the Venship, who happily gave him back to his family to grow up safely in the city. As a reward, Nuri also flew the group safely and undetected through the heart of the city to the point on the lowest tier where their creation, the The Kalachakra, laid shattered on the stone floor.

At some point in the intervening time, Presidith became friends with Bosworth.

Presidith was the first dragon to see The Fated Five after their arrival on the island of Kiston, having been sent by Jatil to chase the descendants based on smell alone. Being one of the few dragons who became intimately familiar with their bloodline's scent, Presidith was the perfect dragon to find them. Being a bit slower, Presidith also didn't realize that the descendants WEREN'T the original 5 who saved his life as a baby.

When Jatil followed up, Presidith lied to him, not admitting he had found the Descendants. But Jatil saw through his lies and later (off-screen) pinned him down and got the truth. He then turned Presidith loose to go find the Fated Five again, and that in the mean time he's going to go to the Crystal Caves and wait there to see if they show up. In the mean time he turned the rest of the island against Presidith, telling them to look out for Presidith and 5 individuals.

Presidith helped escort the Fated Five low through the jungles in an attempt to escort them to The Crystal City, also secretly leading them to Jatil. Presidith was sure that Jatil was going to take the team inside, closer to their destination, and was shocked and embarassed when he was later told that Jatil instead tried to kill them all on the spot. To make it up to the team, he played a similar tole that his mom Nuri played 2000 years earlier, escorting the team through the city to their final destination.

Behind the Screen[edit | edit source]

  • Presidith had a fun mini-game attached to him behind the scenes, and the various good and bad things done to baby Presidith in the past were tallied, with a secret deadline of Session 12 (of 15) being the end result, where Presidith would be revealed as either a true companion, or a heel turn, happy to help kill the descendants in return for all the terrible things their ancestors subjected him to.
  • Obviously the players were very kind to the baby dragon, and spend a ludicrous amount of time and energy giving him a wonderful life, and as such, Presidith returned to help the players in the final sessions.
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