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Information regarding the adaption of Paranoia into the Quelmar campaign setting is for ULTRAVIOLET clearance individuals only.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Because of the nature of Alpha Complex's sci-fi setting, Paranoia only sensibly takes place in the CR era.

Alpha Complex[edit | edit source]

Because the Alpha Complex in the world of Paranoia is an enclosed utopia, it can be easy to place Alpha Complex anywhere in the world, as the interaction between the interior and "outdoors" is typically kept to a bare minimum.

A few Alpha Complexes have already been built on the island of Cof in the CR era (as seen in the ⮞Get Submodule campaign)

Friend Computer[edit | edit source]

  • High Programmers at at least one Alpha Complex were composed entirely of Warforged, with Friend Computer being a sort of crazy Warforged personality themself.
  • However, there's no reason why other intelligent races and societies couldn't form their own sheltered community with the Friend Computer AI. Other candidates for High Programmers could include Illumian, Elves, Gnomes, Gith, or just regular ole Humans.

The Outdoors[edit | edit source]

Typically Paranoia portrays the Outdoors as an apocalyptic wasteland, which makes it a good thing that the CR era lives between two very different apocalypses. Between the nearly-realm ending war against Tiamat which brings in the era, and the oncoming end-of-the-realm whirlpool that concludes the CR era, paranoia adventures could be set either very close to the beginning of the era in the wake of the last war, at the very end of the era when the realm is about to end, or really at any time in between as long at the threat of the apocalypse (or its effects) can be visible in the surrounding area.

  • In ⮞Get Submodule, the specific Cof complex is located alarmingly close to the central whirlpool, with most people on the island already trapped by the tides, forming a closed ecosystem of island inhabitants sharing the "outdoors" together.
    • Though just because it was an island doesn't mean it was barren or deserted. It's known that at least 4 factions of island societies live outside the Alpha Complex, including The Cyberpunks, Nouvelle Vague, PACE Studios, and the experimental team that created HARV(E), with possibly more on the island that haven't been seen yet.
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