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Note: Quelmar's Alpha Complex highly resembles the stock Alpha Complex of the Paranoia RPG, with very few alterations. For specifics on how to run Quelmar's Alpha Complex, see GM: Paranoia

Exterior (technically Alpha Complex 2, but they look identical)

Alpha Complex (or specifically Alpha Complex 1) is the name of the final (of many) colonies to inhabit island Cof.


History[edit | edit source]

"Long ago we created it, and now we live under it. We follow its schedules and its rules, we watch its vidshows, and now I'm not sure who is programming who." - Hat

Originally known as The Sky Net, Alpha Complex was born when Friend Computer, a rogue and dangerous piece of code from neighboring Teslex colony, was uploaded to the Sky Net network.




About[edit | edit source]

Alpha Complex is controlled by The Computer (Though it is anyone's guess WHICH Computer)

Everyone in the Alpha Complex has a Security Clearance which ranges from Infrared to Ultraviolet.

  • Ultraviolet Citizens were also known as "High Programmers".
  • Alpha Complex is clear of any communists, mutants, or traitors. This spotless reputation is thanks to the many servants of the Computer known as Troubleshooters
  • Citizens of the Alpha Complex are given access to "PDC"s, the equivalent of iPhones, but obnoxiously built, like the worst version of a Blackberry PDA.
  • The local police force of Alpha Complex was known as IntSec (Internal Security). Another less successful and more wild group of "law keepres" were known as Troubleshooters.
  • It is always year 2468 in Alpha Complex.
  • Citizens were grown in vats and decanted upon rapid growth. Upon death, a clone of the dead citizen was decanted to resume the previous citizen's work in the utopia. These vats were often known as BornHubs.
  • The "SWAT" team of the Alpha Complex was known as the Vulture Squadron.

Goods and Services[edit | edit source]

Wow you have done a lot of reading today. 
I think it is time for a mandatory refreshment, 
possibly accompanied by a compulsory purchase 
from one of the following companies which sell 
immaculate goods to you and the other 
infrareds of the Alpha Complex.

Please select from the following adverts:

Alpha Complex Food Alpha Complex Drinks Alpha Complex Drugs Alpha Complex Technology
  • "REDdiMeals" - Red Food
  • ORANGEyouGladMeals
  • MelloYELLOWMeals
  • GREENgood
  • Soylents (Red, Green, Orange, Yellow)
  • FunFoods
  • Hot Fun pouchmeals
  • Cold Fun (ice cream)
  • Vita Yum (Meal Substitute Bar)
  • Can of Cocolyke
  • Puff Crunchers
  • Algea Flakes (cereal)
  • Alegea Chips (Plain, Not Quite as Plain, Trippple Cheeze, Vague Hint of Guacamole)
  • Bouncy Bubble Beverage


-Extra Classic

-Tastes Just like Something Orange

-Experimental Flavor #71 (illegal)

  • CoffeeLike
  • TeaSir
  • "HappiTime" medication
  • Xanitrick (Wakey Wakey)
  • Visomorpain (Little Black Friend)
  • Gelgernine (Inner Happiness)
  • Sandallathon (Sleepy Sleepy)
  • Pyroxidine (Wide Awake)
  • Asperquaint (Tireless Servant)
  • Rolactin (Happy Life)
  • "MemoMax" technology copy and transferres memories into clones
  • "CRPU" Constant Realtime Update Priority link.
  • The Toothbrush, at some point all of the toothbrushes in the complex were lost, and everyone had to line up every morning and share one toothbrush.
Note: The Alpha Complex Was Designated for use with HDR Color Space Only. Usage of other colorspaces distorts the true nature of the city and is considered Treason. Treason is punishable by summary execution.

Areas of Alpha Complex[edit | edit source]

The Productions, Logistics, and Commissary (or PLC) was a brutally complex series of beureucratic pipelines that citizens of the complex are often required to defer to when requesting information from the Computer or from higher clearance citizens.

The average wait for information from the PLC is 15 years.

The Clearance Reassignment Department (Known as CRD or Creed) was in charge of demoting or promoting citizens who have to quickly undergo an radical change in lifestyle.

Troubleshooter HQ was the area of the complex where troubleshooters would gather to receive their missions, at least at one point in time. Frequent high level overturns and firings of traitors among the troubleshooter ranks mean that the method in which Troubleshooters reported to HQ changed constantly, almost never being the same.

Sectors[edit | edit source]

  • BUD Sector
  • DON Sector
    • Location of "Patch Job" in the Get Submodule campaign. Home to at least one subway station.
  • TLC Sector
    • Notorious for being where all the Scrubs are (and many people who do not want them there)
  • PLC Sector
    • Home to a real jerk of a red R&D supplier named Tom
  • DND Sector
  • EID Sector
  • GARD Sector
  • TPG Sector
    • Where Beeeese Lives
  • Sector 003
  • Sector QQQ
    • Home to the R&D Sector responsible for the Funbot
  • Sector YYY
  • Sector DBZ
  • Sector GGG
  • Sector GOG
    • Where Goliath, Megatherium, and other massive Vulture Squadron members hail from. (These were the opposing team in "A Date With Death")
  • Sector MLY
  • Sector CAD
  • Sector KLG
    • Home to Mabel-B, a matronly blue citizen who Hendrix loves to lick.
  • Sector YCA
    • A mutant infested sector part of the

Non Sectors[edit | edit source]

  • The BornHub
    • The section of Alpha Complex dedicated to decanting and putting out new clones, the BornHub consisted of hundreds of stacked columns of prepared clones ready to have their memories uploaded and decanted to replace their dead predecessors.
  • The Sewers
    • A region deep under Alpha Complex which empties out into the nearby sinking ocean. Contains at least one way to sneak out of the alpha complex. Also contains a labyrinth.
    • Contains at least 1 rat.
    • Contained "The Chamber of Secrets" according to Cinnabon. In fact an airtight sewage chamber that flooded and trapped and killed anyone foolish enough to step into it.
  • At the far edges of Alpha Complex was an area dense with pipework, the Plumbing Forest, filled with clanks and clamoring of hissing steam and groaning pipes that funnel all manner of gases and liquids around the city.
  • The Valley of Obsolescence
    • A junkyard created by Allied Master Computer after he deemed all transport (and numerous other parts of life in Alpha Complex) inefficient. Took up several former sectors, and was full to the brim of endless junk and remnants of what was deemed the "inefficient" prior version of Alpha Complex run by Friend Computer.
  • The Museum of Famous Form
    • A Museum in an Ultraviolet District, the Museum of famous forms held a number of interesting and old materials (including a Warforged Titan) but most importantly held a massive, 5 story tall diagram containing the circuit schematics of Friend Computer.
    • Like most UV areas, there was a UV-Interfacing booth used by High Programmers to manipulate and rule over Alpha Complex.
  • The UnderComplex
    • The place where the most volatile and dangerous secrets, and some of the greatest treasures, of Alpha Complex are stored.
    • The UnderComplex had an advanced security system to prevent access known as "AI Dungeon", where users needed to slay the "Naturally Speaking Dragon" in a system that looked remarkably like Foundry.
    • The massive vault doors of the UnderComplex had been vandalized to instead read "The UnderDungeon"
    • There were 7 chambers in the UnderComplex
      • Elemental Chamber (with a picture of Crown of Empyrosis on it)
      • Chamber of Suspicious Pillars and Arches
      • Chamber of Needless Exposition of Alpha Complex and the greater Quelmar Realm
      • BeeHolder
        • Contained Bees (and hives and flowers)
      • Chamber containing exactly one (1) Zombie Tarrasque
      • Reanimation Chamber
      • Get Submodule
    • There was also a "Comedic Chase Sequence" button located in the UnderComplex which made all the doors lead to each other, and kicked off a Scooby-Doo like hallway chase sequence.

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

"Troubleshooting is like volunteer firefighting, just not voluntary and with more firefights"

Troubleshooting was the prestigious job done by the most loyal workers of Friend Computer, whose job was to search out everyone who was a commie, a mutant, or a traitor.

"Mike-U-5" was the first Trouble Shooter according to the large statues and plaques built in his honor.

Mandatory Bonus Duties[edit | edit source]

Members of a Troubleshooting team are typically also given a special job within the team to perform. Including, but not limited to:

  • Team Leader is requested to ensure the mission completes successfully
    • If a mission fails, it is the team leader’s fault for leading poorly.
    • If the job of Team Leader is too strenuous, work is available in the Emergency Organ Donor Transplant Center
  • Hygiene officer requested to give Hygiene inspections
    • Been given a Personal Hygiene Test and Cleanliness Maintenance kit which includes the Skin-Core Sampler
    • Failing a hygiene inspection is insubordination
  • Happiness Officer requested to resolve or report bouts of unhappiness
    • In charge of Morale Boosting, has been given a collection of Personality Stabilizer Drugs (EZDUZIT/Qualine)
    • Signs of Unhappiness
      • Arguing excessively
      • Refusing to Volunteer for Suicide Missions
      • Have a Pouty Puss
      • Whine a Lot
    • Being unhappy is insubordination
  • Communications and Recording Officer
    • Everyone else’s PDC and Multicorders have been disabled to help them focus on the job at hand…except Hendrix.
    • Hendrix is given a “Com Unit” which functions as a direct messaging system to the Computer. Any reports for treason should go through Hendrix. Reporting Hendrix for treason is unnecessary as Hendrix is trusted to report himself.
  • Loyalty Officer is requested to report any insubordination during a debriefing, and has perma- clearance to terminate traitors.
    • 6 Early Warning Signs of Commie Traitors
      • Prefer to share all equipment and credits equally
      • Use their Left Hand
      • Suggest Negotiation.
      • Address the Computer as Comrade?
      • Have embarrassing underarm stains
      • Do anything at all you find annoying.
    • Given Indestructible Mission Loyalty Transcript Recorder
  • Equipment Officer
    • Random Surprise Inspections to ensure weapons, tools, and other equipment is functioning. Failure to cooperate during an RSI is treason.
    • Given MultiToolKit, everything needed to do effective repair on equipment.
    • Test Experimental Equipment and report findings.
    • The Designated Driver.
    • Responsible for returning all equipment at the end of the mission.

Secret Societies[edit | edit source]

A number of "Secret Societies" operate under the radar in Alpha Complex, including the following:

  • The Mystics
    • A Secret Society all about procuring, taking, sharing, and exploring psychoactive items and drugs of all manners
    • Included a sub-societ known as "The Pepsi Generation"
    • Included a sub-society known as "Nouvelle Vague"
    • Included Hendrix
  • Death Leopards
    • Included Pixel (and secret infiltrator Cinnabon)
    • The most dangerous and anarchist secret society, a group of revolutionaries that want to destroy the whole system, including Friend Computer.
    • "Shake Shake Shake, Squeeze Squeeze" is the secret handshake of this society.
  • The Sierra Club
    • A Secret Society all about the mysterious "Outside" which is rumored to exist if one were to escape or flee from Alpha Complex. A strange world with trees and grasses and animals and all manner of natural things.
    • The secret handshake involved "intermingling flowers"...whatever that means.
    • Included Evo
  • The Corpore Metal
    • A Secret Society obsessed with making themselves become one with the technological world.
    • Included Gouverner
  • Frankenstein Destroyers
    • A secret society that believes robots, cyborgs, and all imitations of life are the bane of the earth.
    • Included The Win-A-Mon
  • The Romantics
    • A group obsessed with old reckoning written works, including poetry, novels, stories, soap operas, and all things dramatic
    • Included Tia
  • Free Enterprisers
    • A group that essentially just performed capitalism. Which is gross, but not as gross as communism. Both are illegal and inferior to Computerism.
  • The Phoenix

    "Phoenix is about the rebirth of this place we're in." - Cinnabon

    • A secret society comprised entirely of Pixel, Cinnabon, Hendrix, Spencer, Evo, and Gouverneur.
    • A spin off of the Sierra Club, their 12 year mission involved breaking into Alpha Complex from the outside, and destroying Friend Computer.
    • They intended to start a new society on top of the ruins of the old Friend Computer, like a Phoenix born out of its ashes.
    • Evo was pretty sure it was actually called "The Sierra Phoenix Club"

Service Firms[edit | edit source]

  • Armed Forces - Army
  • CPU - Executives, Judges, and HR (Government)
  • Housing Preservation and Development and Mind Control - Education, Entertainment, Recreation (Social Welfare)
  • Internal Security - Traitor Hunting, Cops
  • Power Services - Plumbing, Electric, Energy
  • Production Logistics and Commissary - Food and Industry
  • R&D - Inventors and Cutting Edge Technology
  • Technical Services - general purpose handymen, IT men, and engineers

VidShows[edit | edit source]

  • The Wide Complex of Sports
    • A deadly tournament of lasers, washing machines, bots, and one very interesting ball.
  • A Date with Death
    • A gameshow with deadly repercussions.
  • Teela-O-MLY
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