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"There is nothing more evil than a Greedy Green Dragon. Some would argue the vitriol of the Black Dragons makes them the most dangerous. But danger isn’t a measure of a creature’s evil. The Black dragon revels in tormenting and destroying, but he treats all things the same: Bears, Trees, Elves, and Rocks all fall to the Black Dragon. No, the Green Dragon is more evil than that, because he is smart. He toys with minds and hearts, turning pure souls into corruptible thralls and minions. He is smart enough to escape when challenged, and for that reason, can spread evil for far longer. A Black Dragon will dominate and conquer, but a Green Dragon will thrive, sometimes unseen for generations. I will help keep this one from getting away again. Once you have entered, I will ensure he has no choice but to die at your hands". - Sro

The Green Stag was one example of a Green Dragon

Green Dragons are the most conniving and deceitful of the chromatic dragons of Tiamat.

About[edit | edit source]

Green Dragons often had multi-year plots, and multiple plots going at once. These plots would net them immense rewards of power or money, but required the interweaving of many moving parts, a complex initiative that they believed only they were capable of tracking and succeeding on.

Green dragons breathed acid.

When a green dragon moves into an area, foliage and mists tend to linger longer and weigh heavier on the landscape.

Notable Green Dragons[edit | edit source]

Longfang[edit | edit source]

The Green Stag[edit | edit source]

Valstrath[edit | edit source]

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