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Not to be confused with The Green Fang

"You're either with me or against me. Just kidding, everyone is lunch in the end." - P'Kinestra

A Bounty for the stag put out by one Iggwilv

The Green Stag (draconic name P'Kinestra) was a Green Dragon who terrorized Isonhound in 825 PR through a long and political scheme that was years in the making, which would have ultimately ended with him running the city of Deeplake.

About[edit | edit source]

Green Dragon in town who keeps a hoard under the Green Stag tavern.

He encourages his thralls to kill blue dragons, especially while they are young and easy for humanoids to defeat.

His main ideal was Control, believing that "Lesser Beings" should bare their throats to their betters.

Thralls[edit | edit source]

  • Slofen the acolyte of innovation
  • Janjere the tavern alchemist, P’Kinestra’s go to man, manages under the tavern and protects the lair.
  • Tiriana, a bard kidnapped from Deeplake who could cast invisibility. She was one of the few thralls he took with him on the run so she could keep him hidden.
  • Arbane Eilden the silk/slave trader, P’Kinestra’s thrall in the merchant courts, hires out kidnappers and manages the dirty work. Kidnapped Tiriana, the friend of Miles Ison.
  • Goblins, namely most of the Lootin Tootin's
  • Miles Ison

History[edit | edit source]

In the early 800s PR, P'Kinestra flew from Kiston to Isonhound and eventually devised a plan to take over a small city all for himself. This started with an attack on Deeplake, after which he would trasform into a humanoid form and sow chaos among the politicians and merchants in the ensuing reconstruction.

As part of his scheme, he worked as a merchant unionizer who created a plan to move all of the merchants of the city into the city's innermost walls, isolating the merchant class in the center of the city away from the rest of the population. From there, he would use his thralls in the Eilden merchant family to manipulate and plot to seize the means of production.

As a dragon, he was very territorial and tried to keep other dragons out of his area. One of the Stag's many actions in the region involved the sabotage and murder of the leader of the Kobolds who operated out of the Vault of King Glub VIII. In fact, not only did P'Kinestra kill the young dragon who was leading them, but he had it replaced with a spooky dracolich puppet that the Kobolds were convinced was still leading them. When the heroes discovered the red dragon was already slain, and the red dragon eggs already smashed, they were met with a note that simply said:

Compliments of the Green Stag

For unknown reasons, the great witch Iggwild Iggwilv put a bounty on his head, forcing him to go on the run. Now with a bounty out on his head he's fled up north from Deeplake where he was originally hiding, but trackers and hunters from all over are trying to find him. There's a competition to be the one who kills him because the witch Iggwilv has promised 3 wishes to whoever gets the head. Others know of Iggwilv's trickery and don't trust her promise of wishes, but still want to be the one who takes him down for the glory of it.

His first hiding spot was the Cave of the North Wind (sometimes called the Cave of Boreas) where he killed the White Dragon who had set up a lair there (Shiveth), but after a failed ambush on the SS NoSink, his location was revealed, and heroes began to try to hunt him again. In return for their lives, he spared a group of heroes who were in over their head, as long as they wouldn't reveal they ever saw him so far northwest in Isonhound.

He would flee that cave shortly after, not trusting the heroes to keep their word, and eventually be intercepted by Sro, who cornered him to a cave somewhere outside of Orche-Astere.

The Green Stag was then ultimately slain in 825 PR by a team including Ulka, Stan, Jo, Vadath, Delphi, Ferris, and Miles. Two of the heroes perished in the fight, and some of the survivors went on to found the Band of the Iron Hawk, with the Green Stag's head mounted over their common room fireplace.

Hoard[edit | edit source]

The Green Stag kept his hoard in a massive forge and slave encampment located underneath a warehouse in Deeplake which was owned by the Eilden family.

  • The Selune Splinter
  • Gems and jewelery of viridescent colors, floral brilliance.
  • Flowers.
  • Amber, red rubies.
  • Tiger's Eyes.
  • Artwork about nature.
  • Skull of a unicorn.
  • Miles' lyre.
  • Quartz terrarium.
  • Skulls with gemstone sockets.
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