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Horn's Day is an elven celebration that far precedes the calendar of Human invention, and it is agreed upon that Horn's day is celebrated on the 9th of Shivicity.

About[edit | edit source]

The holiday celebrates when Corellon seized the Horn of Eilistraee, who had lived as a spy among the elves in the ancient world and upon blowing It from his perch, looking down at the world below, blasted sin from the realm, foiling the spider-matron and paving a world of Elven prosperity. It is considered the start of the new world, and is equivalent to the human-made calendar holiday of New Year's.

Corellon's legendary horn would later become one of Quelmar's legendary Boons, specifically the Boon of Immortality.

Traditions[edit | edit source]

  • blowing Ram's horns.
  • Throwing crumbs or bread into flowing water
  • a festive meal is eaten including apples dipped in honey

Horn's Day Prayer[edit | edit source]

"Upon us is another year in the light of our moon Corellon. We have gathered now to ask.

How many shall pass away

and how many shall be born in these trying times.

Who shall live and who shall die;

who shall live out his allotted time and who shall depart before

his time; who shall perish by water and who by fire; who by

the sword and who by a wild beast; who by hunger and who

by thirst; who by the weave and who by disease; who by

strangulation and who by lapidation; who shall be at rest and

who shall wander; who shall be tranquil and who shall be

harassed; who shall enjoy well-being and who shall suft’er

tribulation; who shall be poor and who shall be rich; who shall

be humbled and who shall be exalted.

May music, arts, and skill avert the severity of your decree."

Behind the Screen[edit | edit source]

  • Horn's Day celebrations roughly equivocate to, and are inspired by, the celebration of Rosh Hashanah
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