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Hummintru Tribe
A map from near the center of the tribe, showing the vines of Ysgdardsil wrapped around everything
Type Town/Tribe
Government Democratic
Location Midgardr
Inhabiting Race Loxo

The Hummintru tribe is a collective tribe of Loxos in the Midgardr region of Quelmar. They are classified by their piercings, more often then not, as they take great pride in body modifications, including tattoos, piercings, and hair dye. The leader of this tribe is often the oldest there, and seeing as how Loxos age, they often have 700-1000 year old leaders.

History[edit | edit source]

The Hummintru Tribe is filled with mysterious history and grieved with many wars.

A large tree grows through the center of the town, said to be a root of Ysgardsil, a connection to other worlds via the great world tree.

Leader Choosing Process[edit | edit source]

The leader is chosen by being the oldest, however due to the length of Loxo life it may also be decided through battle or through council decision.

Notable Leaders: Pliny the Elder

High Council of Trunks[edit | edit source]

The High Council of Trunks is a democratically elected collective consisting of a treasurer, transportation head, health and safety inspector, community event organizer, and 3 judges. They are responsible for such;

Treasurer: Sort out the towns finances and make sure no one ever falls into debt

Transportation Head: Organize townwide transportation through whatever means necessary

Health & Safety Inspector: Responsible for making sure businesses and restaurants are  safe to eat at and ready for business

Judge: A council of 3 loxos sat to make decisions on things people may want to incorporate and also judge punishments for those who have done crime

Hummintru Police Department[edit | edit source]

Comprised of just 35 officers, these loxos are often found patrolling on foot making sure crime doesn’t take place. Very often they carry Halberds with a look on the bottom that’s meant for wrapping around a culprits waist. Quite friendly in nature and always willing to help.

The One Eyed Arimaspians[edit | edit source]

A group of powerful and ancient loxodons whose job is to pass on the wisdom of the ages, as an elephant never forgets. Very superstitious about Fylgja.

Notable Events[edit | edit source]

 Hummintru Traditions

The tribe has many odder traditions that many may not have heard of, which may have to do with the secrecy in which the tribe keeps itself. Very often those outside the town will hear the viscous roars of the tribe and not even have a clue what they are hearing.

Ceremonies of Passage

For each growing Loxo there’s a rite of passage for each of their chosen professions. Those of whom choose who to Travel, Expand, Commercialize, or Educate each have their own separate ritual over the course of 5 days, called the Ceremony of Passage.

Day 1: Travel

The lucky loxos who chose to go travelling in their maturing years get a special day to talk to those who have chosen this path. Very often the parents of these soon to be adventurers will give them new supplies and weapons to prepare them for the tedious journey ahead of them. Hummintru has a fund set aside to help start off these fun adventures with 10gp, a trinket of moral value (often a family heirloom or something that the city has kept in its possession), and donated clothes from many sources so that they are well clothed on their journey.

Sometimes those who choose this path will also choose to specialize into things like travelling musicians or salesman, and sometime the veteran travelers will pass on their equipment and expertise to those who ask or show interest.

Day 2: Expand

The loxos who chose the expand passage get educated in the ways of expanding the happiness of the tribe. These are loxos who want to help the tribe in things like healthcare, public transportation, politics, and just generally productive and happy jobs. There’s a feast held for everyone, and it ends with this spectacular display of fireworks. Over the course of the day the loxos often choose someone to shadow under and eventually end up within that chosen profession.

Day 3: Commercialize

Loxos under this are future pioneering business owners, and this day is spent with all the business owners in town. These good hopes for the future will often have a whole plan set up with slides and numbers (often working with existing businesses for sales figures) to present to the Council and try and get approval for their ideas. This isn’t just for the loxos seeking rite of passage, but for any loxo who so wishes to present his greater idea for the greater good of Hummintru. A very hefty sum of money is left aside to help support these future businesses.

Day 4: Educate

This day is not meant for those who want to educate, rather for those who have always wanted to learn more about the world around them. These loxos are the great thinkers the “Aristotle”s and “Socrates” of Hummintru. Often, they already have academic contacts, but this isn’t left for just those who have already shown off their smarts. There are many colleges all over Hummintru for many schools of thought from philosophy to engineering.

Day 5: The Great Town Meeting

The Great Town Meeting happens on day 5 of the ceremonies, and its when all forms of local government get together and talk about what needs to happen for the betterment of Hummintru. People will bring their ideas to the table and local communities will vote on what they think is best. While this can be done at any point over the course of the year, this ceremony is the most widespread way for the most amount of people to see your ideas.

Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

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