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Jintuk Atraakzian
Player Name Matt
Relatives Dead
Languages Undercommon, Drow Sign Language
Affiliations House Atraakzian, The Bleak Academy
Marital Status Single
Species Drow
Gender Male

Jintuk (of House Atraakzian) was a Drow character featured in The Underdungeon.

About[edit | edit source]

Jintuk has a brother named Jinkun, who was murdered by Ildrin while hunting down Jintuk.

He served his house matron Zetheena Atraakzian for a long time.

History[edit | edit source]

Jintuk, as a male drow, was a bit of a slave to his matron-lead house located in Lyth My'athar. As such, he was delegated to a variety of servant positions. When his house was ambushed and taken over in The Atraakzian Experiment, Jintuk worked as an escort, bringing his own family members to Skull City so that they could be tortured and experimented on by the Illithid. The alternative to this was the death of his own house matron, so Jintuk begrudgingly agreed.

On one particular quest escorting his family across the Underdark, Jintuk was convinced by his best friend Cobalt to forgo his duties, and abandon his house, with the hope that it might cause enough anarchy that he could save more lives than he had already risked.

For his treachery, his family sent a team of drow, lead by Ildrin, who had been resurrected in a new heightened form as a Drider.

Jintuk and his friend were captured by Thaluul the Observer during an unfortunate trip across the Underdark. While incarcerated, he crossed paths with Forgorith and Gus, as well as Wortgor.

Ildrin the Drider tracked Jintuk down to the lair where he was incarcerated, but in the ensuing hijinks, wound up getting caught in the reflections of a SoulSucking Mirror of Shug. The mirror displaces souls and inserts them into other vessels, whether they are empty or not. After an intense round of combat, Jintuk found himself on the brink of death, and with few options avaialble, put his own soul into Ildrin's Drider body, leading to him driving Ildrin into the back of his mind and taking over the Drider body...for a little while.

When the prisoners of Thaluul escaped, Jintuk (now in control of the body) fled with Wortgor and Cobalt out in the underdark wilds, heading east into uncharted territory, as he was now being hunted by his former family, who were no doubt under the control of power mind flayers.

It was when they were out in the wilds that the group of them were captured by a very peculiar Duergar tribe, who did not kill them, but rather took them as prisoners...doomed to be fed to the Aboleth that they worshiped.

Jintuk would perish in combat with said Aboleth, but was delighted to die in combat along his bestie Cobalt.

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • Cobalt, his best friend and partner in crime.
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