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The Red Blades were assassins for hire who operated out of Galik, the largest and busiest city in the realm, providing them endless business for centuries.

Modus Operandi[edit | edit source]

As killers of notoriety attract the attention of The Mists, the Red Blades had special operations in place to avoid their highly trained and accomplished killers from being kidnapped by the Dark Powers. Members of the guild never sent themselves out into the field where the killing was done, instead using the guild magicians to formulate powerful (and expensive) Simulacrums of themselves. These clones had all the knowledge and power of the original assassins, and could be given orders to assassinate the targets with the same precision expected of the real assassins.

When these Simulacrum accomplished their goals and found themselves in violent territory that tended to attract Mists, the spell could be ended, or the simulacrum could be sent through the Mists in the place of the original assassin, with the guild never risking its own members lives after all.

During a hit, only 1 Simulacrum is initially sent, with more Simulacrum being sent every time the previous wave of clones failed. This could result in 5 or more powerful assassins hunting down a single target...an unsurvivable encounter.

Targets[edit | edit source]

  • Orris, hired to be killed by ShadowGuild thieves who needed Orris dead after he had figured out how to sneak into their secret base of operations. The Red Blades tracked Orris into The ArchCrystal Tower and once he was alone in a chamber, struck form the shadows, leaving him to bleed out and die on the books and scrolls of the illumian scholars.
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