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Autumn Lord of the 7th House[edit | edit source]

Glorious, Radiant Autumn Lord in the 7th house he stands tall and lean like the trees that grow around him. Silvery white hair spun of silken thread, each piece a woven dream of the northern star calling his kin to him and home again. His skin more terrestrial in nature; glistening copper emblazoned with the hope of our tomorrows. His eyes Amber-honey wine, in swirling pools illuminated by his inner love, intense and captivating. His maile reflects in it the weave song, the gift given to both he and all. His coat crimson and ore, seven ore mallet; four points each spread his breast a cardinal to each point to guide true. Wyall, sheathed at his hip silvery dream glass woven and given freely. His shield, matching his breast slung over his back lyre strings inside to protect us and sing us home. His boots of red leaf leather with gold threat bound them round may his step never falter. May his voice ring ever true.

- a translation from a poem written by Olla the Folly of spring

Sir Yewvane Inspires the workers of the Tempest brothers to help build the southern wall.

Sir Yewvane's voice can be heard clearly above the din of the work. He sings to the beat of pick and shovle:

In the golden rays of the suns warm embrace

laborer's toil with resilience and grace

their sweat glistens, their muscles strain

harnessing strength. forging pathway to gain

Under the blazing sky, they build their dreams.

bearing the weight of life's relentless schemes.

with every swing of the hammer/ every shovel in hand

they shape the world upon which dreams may stand

From dawn till dusk they toil without rest

their determination put to the highest test

with unwavering spirit< they never yield

for the fruits of their labor becomes our camps shield!

Personality[edit | edit source]

Valor, loyalty, and devotion for his queen, Lady Tygana keeper of the Oath of Ancients. Ever may she reign over the court of seasons! He is slow to anger and even slower to draw his blade but when he does there is often no turning back until the fight has reached satisfaction. As a Knight of the Court of Seasons he has sworn the Oath of the Ancients and follows the tenants set out untold centuries before:

Kindle the Light- through our acts of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness, kindle the light of hope in the worlds, standing against despair and sorrow where ever it lives.

Shelter the Light- where there is good, beauty, love and mirth in the world stand against the forces that would dim or extinguish it. let not darkness nor hopelessness swallow it or corrupt it. Where life flourishes stand against protect it from becoming barren.

Preserve your Own Light- Delight in song and laughter, in beauty and art, love and be loved for the flame can only stay if fed. If you let the light die in yourself there is no way to protect it in others.

Be the Light- Be a glorious beacon for all who live in despair, let it shine in all your words and deeds. Until the whole universe shines as one once again.

Oath of the Heart Sworn: this oath paired with the mysterious Fae magic created by Queen Tygana links the creatures together permanently the exact specifics of how it works or how the Court of Seasons does it is a mystery to all but the Queen herself.

Of the Heart- To you I bind my heart in love and devotion, our light eternal

Of the Body- My deeds will match yours in conviction and I shall do as bid, our flesh entwined

Of the Soul- My essence is yours in life and in death, may it empower and protect you.

-It is through these tenants that Yewvane's life is guided and shaped.

- Promises -

- To serve Lucinda and “her” company until such time that; Sir Yewvane Eedryll perishes, is recalled by his Lady or the company conflicts with his standing oaths. This promise includes the Heart Sworn. In return they will be paid for services… reason is unclear.

-To Aide Finny Warbler to meet his terms with “The Bogge” an Unseelie court member, to keep Finny from being once again shackled to the Seelie Queen as a courtly plaything. There is an unknown time limit On this deal but it involves gathering Seelie Court member names in some sort of game. All of this relates back to the “song”. This promise does not include the Heart Sworn. A feather token was given in exchange and is now bond in Sir Yewvane Eedryll’s hair.

- To Aide in returning Luster to her original form of perfection (Eladrin) after the Court of the Moon horrifically changed her into a basic fairy form. The Heart Sworn are involved in this promise, “the courts change us all.”

History[edit | edit source]

Wild and unwise, uncaring and free. A crisp Autumn breeze feel in love with the colorful leaves of fall. Season after season the cycle of shifting paint on formally green canvas gave way from wanting to desire. And from that love Yewvane was made whole with the help of Tygana, a lesser arch Fae at the time. Her 7th servant, born of love and light, she kissed his eyes and put honey on his throat; to see life as she sees and to sing the joy back into the twisted places. For many decades Yewvane served by her side; his attunement to the weave song granted her peace in troubled times and kept the darkness away. He would sit at her feet and play for hours and hours all kinds of instruments, he would sing and often just talk to her, for many- many seasons they were happy and content in the service of the light and love. She was his whole world and he wanted for nothing, he would be at her side at all times ready to serve at her leisure and pleasure. He was so admired and often the subject of jealousy at court gatherings, but young yewvane did not understand any of that he was just happy to serve his Queen.

Last daughter to the Queen of the Seelie, Tygana was born into light, grace and power. For hundreds of years Tygana tried to live to her mother’s standards but found her ways cruel and unnecessary, she often found herself protecting her own servants from her mothers wraith, or worse her indifference. the ideals of Lady Tygana and the other royals of the seelie did not align, she felt the other arch Fae had become too interested in the self and had forgotten the old ways entirely, which over time lead to her splitting into their own way and the Court of Seasons was formed. Some members of the unseelie took this split as an opportunity to seek revenge on Tygana from earlier transgressions but, were met by surprising resistance from her servants. Empowered by her love and light the unseelie assailants were driven back in an elegant display of violence. This display of power has ultimately stayed the hand of other courts making moves. It was the first time Yewvane took life, tasted battle, and he found it bitter and sour but, would do anything for his Lady and was rewarded for his service. Yewvane became sir Yewvane Eedryll 7th knight in the Court of Seasons, he and his kin had stood up to a mighty house bent on corruption and revenge. It was then that Yewvane felt complete as the song of valor now rang in his heart! Over the next decade he was granted his four Heart Sworn and his long sword Wyall was created!

The Heart Sworn

Every Knight of the Court of Seasons must be tempered and balanced and most importantly loved, it is for this reason the Lady Tygana finds for them their Heart Sworn. some times it is many hearts, some times only one. In the case of Yewvane its three others each fixed in their season like him:

First was Taya Shieldmaiden of Winter, a large voluptuous storm of an Eladrin she stands eye to eye and shoulder to shoulder with many goliaths in the material plain. she is hardened ice to most of the world, blistery and fierce, cold as the longest night. She is Yewvane's Shieldmaiden, she cares for his arms and armor both the material and immaterial. while Ice shards and Gale storm she is to the rest of the world she is peace and preserving solace to her lord who melts her with his words. Taya unlike the rest of the Yewvane’s Heart Sworn came from the ranks of the Unseelie, she served under Antyl as a Bloodhunter and was taken prisoner by Yewvane after slaying her master. The Bloodhunters were ferociously trained exclusively to hunt and kill similar to the Wild Hunt but twisted and dark. Yewvane saw light in her and begged his Queen to let him have time to remove the corruption with in her. After many seasons Yewvane found success and guides her into the light, and she gave up the blood rituals they have been together ever since.

Ojai the Feast of summer, during the assault of the unseelie Ojai’s mother, Illanna the Blade Sage, was wounded badly. Ojai took up her silver blade and destroyed several Bloodhunters and shadow walkers killing a total of 13 other fae, this as weighed greatly on him the rest of his life. When offered the position for his valiant actions in battle Ojai refused the knight position and instead asked to serve as a Heart Sworn for Yewvane “Service of the heart, as well as in bed” - Ojai at his own knighting ceremony. Pleasure is his chief concern most of the time and it is not for self but for all, he believes the joy and light can be best spread through pleasure and endeavors to spread it where ever he goes! he is simple in his ways and ensures the 7th house of the Court of Seasons is always nourished and satisfied in all the ways he can imagine.

Olla the Folly of Spring, she is wild and free, tempers Yewvane with joy and wonderment. she ensures he never forgets playfulness and the importance of renewal, she is also forgiveness and mercy and often tempers Taya in this regard as well. she helps tend to the other needs of the 7th house and is the keeper of Rhynna: Yewvane’s prized round flute. Olla remains innocent and bloodless unlike the others. After the assault from the unseelie. She was incredibly crucial in the healing of Taya’s soul from the damage that was done by the darkness in her. Rumor says that is actually her Love that powers the majority of the 7th house. Most of the knights of the court of seasons try to get Yewvane to bind her to his sword to empower himself and have her be more controlled but, Yewvane would never.

The Court of Seasons

The Court of Seasons is at its base a nomadic minor Fae court lead by Queen Tygana (formally of the Seelie Court). Primarily they act in the interest of the material plane in defense against fae involvement and fight against the Darkness. The court is broken into eight seats or houses and the Throne. The seats are given by Queen Tygana each a part of her own Aspects and power. When an head of the house dies that power returns to the Queen.

The Throne: Queen Tygana- Archfey.

1st House: Sir Graysal Shibhan the Queen’s champion- Eladrin. His Heart Sworn, Rae’hummn, was turned into a sword. Sir Graysal Shubhan has two commanders and two hundred followers of various fae. The 1st house is the protectors of the Queen and the Throne.

2nd House: Dame Ojannys Onnafah- Eladrin (dead). Her Heart Sworn, Eyaa the shattered (formally Eyaa the light dancer)-satyr. After the fall of the 2nd House Eyaa and any followers the remained joined the 1st House. The Queen keeps Eyaa the shattered close to her and hopes to one day heal her broken heart.

3rd House: Zir Ido Allyna’sa- Eladrin. Their Heart Sworn all serve them in battle. Ano was turned to a spear, Gorrin to a suit of armor, and Jassa the swift takes the shape of a giant white elk for them to ride into combat. Zir Ido Allyna’sa commands sixty three followers of various fae and mortals.

4th House: (waiting on Keller, I have no Idea what is going on with this?)

5th House: Sir Idrhyll Illovym- Eladrin. His Heart Sworn; Ibaan and Fedif the eyes serve as warlocks empowered by her Grace Queen Tygana. He commands one hundred Eladrin a fierce fighting force.

6th House: Dame Triss Lya’lyna - Arokokra Magpie. Her Heart Sworn, Tobias Wren (human) has been changed into a bow of great power. Dame Triss Lya’lyna commands thirty rangers and other archers of various races and styles. Her followers are loyal to her and not necessarily the Queen.

7th House: Sir Yewvane Eedryll-Eladrin. His Heart Sworn; Ojai, Olla and Taya tend to his light and love. Sir Yewvane currently has zero followers.

8th House: Sir Bellamy Shibhan- Eladrin (dead). This house was completely destroyed in the first attack of the Blood Hunters, they fought to the last and weakened the Blood Hunters making Yewvane’s later victory over them possible. Sir Bellamy Shibhan was brother to the Queen’s Champion.

Languages[edit | edit source]

Common, sylvan and Elvish

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Versed in the ancient powers of the Weave song, Yewvane has learned the words and the notes to heal and make whole again the living things that surround him. paired with martial prowess and inspiring leadership Sir Yewvane Eedryll makes his presence known on any battle field or feast hall for that matter.

Welcomed onto the Amber path by the god’s and other champions of Light Yewvane begins his journey to become one with the Light; each step he takes brings him closer to the singular vibration

Attacks and Weapons [edit | edit source]

-The Shield of Mourning- After the death of Ratchet on the bloody banks of that forsaken river, Yewvane found a shield amongst the carnage. The shield holds with in it the dirge of the guardian, it calls to him and reminds him of his place in the material.

“Protect them guardian, for on their salvation lies your purpose. Keep to the oath oh wielder of woe. The burden is yours to carry…keep them well.”

The shield is now painted red with seven golden stars (four pointed) as per the seventh house’s crest. On the back the names of the fallen of the company have been engraved so that he may never forget how he has failed them.

“Keep the line dear knight, the darkness draws ever nearer and you more weary by the day. Count the names as they grow, fail them no more shieldmen.” 

With each name the shield feels heavier to Yewvane. (When an ally falls unconscious on the field, The bearer gains a +1 AC for ten minutes. If the ally stabilizes the bonus is lost. This is regained once a day)

Wyall- a long sword forged by the will of the Lady Tygana herself from strands of her hair and beads of dream glass forged in the core of Summers Will. Wyall took 10 years to come into existence and commands the respect of many craftsmen on the material plain. It is always perfectly balanced for the wielder and those bound to them through the Heart Sworn ritual. there is symbology of all the seasons running across the hilt and pommel, the handle is twisting vines of silver Ivy holding auburn walnut, warm and vibrant in its place. Three socketed dream gems are held on the sword

-The Pommel- Yewvane plays a simple lullaby to his Queen, a song she sang to him so many times before. she smiles and a single silver tear shimmers on her smiling cheek as she looks down from her radiant throne at him. It is warmth, light and love.

- Left Hilt- Yewvane Stands victorious over Antyl, but the cost is great, many of his kin lay dead around the empty chamber, the victory is empty he is alone in his fleeting glory. It is cold, empty and sorrow.

-Right Hilt- Yewvane gives away the last of his light to spark a small fire for a dying stranger in a world covered in shadows. His heart sworn long consumed to provide for the mortals that can not heal from their pasts. the stranger uses the fire to cook and eat Yewvane for his last meal before the shadows consume it all. it is Lonely, unforgiving and Dark

Rhynna- grown from the roots of an ancient song tree, this round flute was gifted to Yewvane over a century ago by his Lady to soothe her in times of trouble, Olla now keeps it and cares for it when it is not in Yewvanes possession. its song is haunting and beautiful, each note singing of a time we all yearn to return to. The round flute is most noted for its continuous drone sound underneath the melodic notes played on the second pass of wind. The surface of the flute is covered in twisting runic script its meaning long forgotten and worn both by time and use. the green stain has worn thin in some places but the beauty of the flute never fades. Rhynna is said to carry with it every joyful and every sorrowful note it has ever played.

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