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"I don't know why I'm giggling but I like it" - Spencer after getting cheek kiss(es) from Evo

(Nervous Giggling)

Spencer-R/O/B/G-EID (sometimes known as BuckFoy when censured) was an officer of IntSec, the internal police force of Alpha Complex. Basically, Spencer's a fooking cop.

Spencer was the Equipment Officer of their team, and was also a Death Leopard.

Spencer had the special mutant ability to generate energy fields, a power which she would later register with the Alpha Complex.

Spencer's favorite part of the body is their handsies.

Spencer and Evo became (a)romantically involved after Spencer (under the name Buckfoy) convinced a brainscrubbed Evo to join the Death Leopards.

After the events of "Send in the Clones", Spencer was determined to be the most at fault for the failure of the mission (and failure to keep the equipment secure) and was demoted to Infrared. However, Spencer had an exceptional record of completing "Secret Society" missions for the Death Leopards, and Spencer was able to cash in enough IOUs to manipulate the system and "Rock and Roll" her way into Blue clearance.

Return to Alpha Complex[edit | edit source]

After being decanted in secret and smuggled out of Alpha Complex, Spencer married Evo in the Outdoors, and supported her wife as she wanted to return and find a way to hack the outer doors to allow access to anyone (aka Sierra Club members) who wanted to visit the Outdoors. This became part of a grander scheme known as the "12 Year Plan".

Behind the Screen[edit | edit source]

  • Spencer's name and job as a police officer is a reference to Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds (hence when Spencer is Red Clearance, it reads "Spencer-R-EID")
  • Spencer has the highest record of completing secret society missions in the campaign.
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