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Evo was a founding member of the Phoenix Secret Society, which included their old teammates as well as a jackobot. Their goal was to break into Alpha Complex from the outside and reboot Friend Computer, building a new Alpha Complex on the ruins of the old.

History[edit | edit source]

Evo R EVO 1 was born in the EVO sector and raised for the Technical Services department, Paint Check division. As part of her training, she spent thousands of hours memorizing hundreds of different precise color shades. As a result, they developed a tic of immediately naming the color of new objects they interact with. Her years of exposure to paint fumes also dulled her sense of smell, so she frequently sniffs objects like an animal to try to smell them.

The other influential presence in their early life was the Sierra Club. She was recruited at a young age, due to her naive nature and obvious, dangerous interest in the history of color names ("Why is sky blue "sky blue?' What is the sky?"). They dream of getting to the Outside someday to see ALL the colors and meet ALL the animals!

After years spent in the Infared Division, they encountered their first occasion of treason: while out on a job with two other clones, one pulled a gun on the other, ranting about a dangerous Secret Society and their important mission. Before they managed to fire, Evo subdued the commie mutant traitor, protecting her co-worker and elevating her own rank to Red level Troubleshooter.

She then spent several months working with an excellent team of excellent troubleshooters! They shared a bunk with Pixel, who they considered to be their best friend. She thought Spencer was very pretty and did not understand the way she felt when they were together. Cinnabon was a good friend who sings very nicely! Hendrix and Gouvernor were sometimes a little scary but she still liked hanging out with them and wanted to protect them. She was assigned to be the Happiness Officer for her team and took her job very seriously, providing an Evo Does It to any team member who needed a little mood boost!

After 7 missions together, Evo faced an unthinkable decision, and needed to blackmail best friend Pixel into using their Machine Empathy to manipulate Friend Computer and increase everyone's clearance to Green. The mission was a success, until Hendrix's absolutely catastrophic reveal.

This resulted in Pixel being erased from Alpha Complex. However, Pixel was not alone. Unfortunately, it was discovered that she had entered a treasonous level of debt and escaped only through an illegal cloning procedure. She was then demoted to Infared, and removed from her team and her friends.

Return to Alpha Complex[edit | edit source]

After being decanted in secret and smuggled out of Alpha Complex, Evo wanted to return and find a way to hack the outer doors to allow access to anyone (aka Sierra Club members) who wanted to visit the Outdoors. This became part of a grander scheme known as the "12 Year Plan".

Personality[edit | edit source]

"This was not me being evil...this was me being stupid" - Evo after skipping Round 1 of "A Date With Death", immediately followed by a guard bot lowering from the ceiling and summarily executing them.

Evo is a sweet, optimistic troubleshooter who is passionate about animals, colors, and her friends! And Friend Computer, of course. She is trusting to a fault, but a convincing liar who can be very devious when the situation calls for it.

Before the Game[edit | edit source]

One pill, two pill, red pill, blue pill.

Someone had said that once. She couldn’t remember who or when or why. But she liked the sound of it in her head. How the words sounded alike made it fun.

She didn’t take red pills or blue pills. She took black pills and white pills, but that wasn’t as fun to think. And to be really right, they were jet and whitesmoke. She wondered where the names came from. But that was a silly question. They came from her books she’d read over and over and over while she was little and learning to be a good citizen who would paint some day. The books taught her how to be good.

It was an important job. She felt very happy it was her job. Everyone walked around all day looking at things. You couldn’t help it, unless you closed your eyes all the time. This made her laugh. You wouldn’t be able to do very much if you walked around with your eyes closed. And so everyone looked at things. And she got to make sure the things they looked at were nice. It was a very important job.

She sat on the edge of her bunk, looking at the jetblackblue pill. This was Night Pill. Or Sleepy Pill. Or Dream Pill. She liked to make up different names for it. That was a fun game to play. Bunk Pill. Rest Pill. Drowsy Pill.

They got to take pills twice a day. The pills were nice. Fun colors. Fun names. In her head, anyways. She turned to the clone next to her.

“Hey,” she said. “Do you ever make up names for your pills?”

They stared at her. She shrugged, then put it in her mouth. It felt funny. Nice. Small and hard. Fun to push around with her tongue. And then she swallowed. Woosh. No more pill.

Now she was floaty, though. That was her favorite part about Dream Pill. She couldn’t remember her dreams much so those didn’t matter. But she liked lying in bed and floating above it. She had asked someone once if she actually floated but they said no so she knew she was actually still just laying there. But it felt floaty.

Floaty. Dust floats. Balloons float. Autocars float sometimes. They fly. Like the animals. But she wasn’t supposed to know that, she reminded herself. She was only allowed to think about that for a few minutes every once in a while. What if Friend Computer knew what she was thinking? What if it got angry with her? Only once in a while couldn’t hurt. But tonight wasn’t once in a while. So instead she made herself think about colors. When she squeezed her eyes shut really tight she could see weird little lines of color behind her eyes. That was fun. There was always something fun to do if you looked for it.

And then it was light again. She opened her eyes. It hadn’t even felt like she slept. Night Pill had done a good job. Soon it was Day Pill’s turn. But not yet. Secretly, secretly, this was her favorite part of the day. The In Between. She wiggled her fingers, her toes. They were hers. She felt sad. She would paint tiny little holes again today, and tomorrow, and the next day. She wouldn’t see the animals. Her chest felt funny and heavy and tight. This was sad. She wasn’t supposed to feel it but it was her favorite feeling in the world. She lay there and tried to cry. Some days she could. Most days she could. Silently. Feeling wet on the sides of her face and in her ears.

“Morning,” barked the Morning Clone. He brought the pills. She quickly used her blanket to put away the tears. She didn’t want to get in trouble. And anyways, the sad feeling was just for her. So was the Mad. That was there too. It made her bite her teeth hard and put her nails into her palms. What if she screamed? What would happen? What if she ran? The In Between made her think crazy things.

She put her hand out for Energy Pill. Bright Pill. Work Pill. Bzzzzzzz Pill. That’s the sound of a bee. Bad thought. She put the pill in her mouth, poked it with her tongue and swallowed.

Her chest loosened and lightened. Her stomach was calm. Everything was brighter. She had an important job! And it was time to go.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • - Descendent of Vaeth Soval
  • - Favorite food is lemons (no, she's never had one, why do you ask?)
  • - Evo's mutant power was to pour toxic energies out of their fingers as a weapon, provided that they ate up some sort of inorganic matter to digest into a toxin. As a paint worker, this was often times paint.
  • - Evo was in a LOT of debt up until Spencer paid off their debt. This was one of many events that kicked off their growing (a)romantic relationship
  • - Evo's Special Power is "When I see Cockroaches I am very good at locking doors"

Mood Board[edit | edit source]

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