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Tani-Wa wears a skin made of his former guard Peatree

Tani-Wa was a Marid and organized mobster who lived on his own fortress island, converted from an abandoned temple.

About[edit | edit source]

Tani-Wa had worked under the law for decades, and made a fair amount of valuable "business partners" over the years including Edgar LaCroix.

History[edit | edit source]

Seeking to build a coral fortress (and a Queen to oversee the fortress), Tani-Wa took over an abandoned tower in the oceans east of Amusa. Now with a temple to call his fort, he began his search for a Queen. He picked up on the legends of a waterbending Vanara far beyond her years--wanting to find this Vanara and make her the perfect slave, Tani-Wa began fetching Vanara from near Atman's hometown of Thetsu and testing them, those who were not Atman were assimilated into the slave forces guarding his temple. 

Marriage[edit | edit source]

The Battle of the Dao[edit | edit source]

Tani Wa was murdered by his Slaad army in 795 PR after losing his commanding amulet in a brawl that included another Genie, the Dao father of Tromen. It was Atman who took the amulet during the epic battle, and after learning how to use it correctly, turned the Slaad on her husband, their former master 

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Unlike other Genies, Tani-Wa's magic wasn't entirely conjuration or elemental. He was a very talented enchanter and charlatan who could command others through wicked words, sometimes without even needing to cast a spell.

Tani-Wa's Temple[edit | edit source]

Slaves[edit | edit source]

Many of his slaves were captured and forced into their position under him through blackmail or other nefarious means. Aqua, for example, was imprisoned with the lies that if he ever left the Temple, his family would be killed. As such, Aqua spent his later years serving Tani-Wa and performing ludicrous tasks for his enjoyment, including butchering and carving corpses--decorating and preparing them for Tani-Wa's feasts.

Peatree was another notable slave who served Tani-Wa for many years loyally, until he was persuaded by a group of The Best Around to stop serving Tani-Wa. When Tani-Wa heard that Peatree had let his prisoners go free, he was skinned and turned into a beautiful leather shawl (pictured above).

Minions[edit | edit source]

Tani Wa, with the assistance of an outsider-summoning amulet, also commands a sizable army of Slaad, including a red, blue, green, and grey--each parenting a tadpole of their own.

In addition to the Slaad, Tani-Wa had a dire Tiger and flying Ape that protected his island from intruders.

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