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This article is about the Vanaran town, for the monkey the town was named after, see Thetsu (The BackHalls)

Type Town
Government Magocracy
Location Levinkan
Inhabiting Race Vanara, Human

Thetsu was a coastal town on the west coast of Levinkan that also housed passage into a lush forest.

About[edit | edit source]

Thetsu was primarily a vanara town, thanks to its proximity to the nearby jungle.

Founded sometime in the mid PR era by the slowly growing people known as the Vanara, Thetsu was named for an even earlier apefolk who was said to have resided in the area before his disappearance.

The Siksta Opuss Monastery[edit | edit source]

Despite it's grand name, Siksta Opuss translates from Vanaran into "Sunshine and Rainbows". Besides training its students in the way of the elements, the monastery also staffed a greeter at the town's harbor to welcome visitors to their beautiful village. In 791 PR, the greeter was student Atman, who would greet The Best Around on their arrival from Cof and then join them on their adventures.

In 795 PR, the town was plagued by a serious of disappearances. In reality, the Marid Tani-Wa had been sending minions to kidnap vanara, who he would be testing for water-manipulating abilities. When Atman returned home after her years with The Best Around, she would vow to stop Tani-Wa, upon finding the water-bending he was looking for, Tani-Wa forced her to marry him, sending the other kidnapped Thetsu vanara safely home.

Residents[edit | edit source]

Urth the Shaman[edit | edit source]

An elderly half-orc, Urth was the resident shaman, who had brought wild magic from his upbringing into the town to share with its locals at the Monastery. Students who studied under Urth would become Monks of the Elements, blending the earth, water, fire, and air together into a powerful form of martial arts.

Olm[edit | edit source]

Olm was an elderly human who partook in the The Second Draconic Crusades, all the way until the dragons and dragonborn were both formally considered extinct. Olm retired to Thetsu in a beautiful waterfront house, where he was tracked down by Sanns, one of the last dragonborn. When resident Atman found out he had helped track down and kill so many draconic creatures, she took vengeance, encapsulating his head in a block of ice.

Other Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

  • Sir Drunkard the Town Drunk was, as expected, a drunken Vanara
  • There was a Vanara who simply went by "Ape"
  • Another member of Thetsu was typically known as The Streaker, whose real name is unknown.
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