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The Greenkin Foundation is a secret organization that studies and protects goblinkin races, such as goblins, orcs, bugbears, and giants. The foundation was founded by Director Moss, who was inspired by the anomalous case of a bugbear who became a mercenary and a leader of a guild. The foundation’s main goal is to prove that goblinkin can change and should be included under the civilian act, which grants rights and protections to non-human races.

The foundation operates from various hidden sites across the world, where they conduct research, experiments, and observation on goblinkin subjects. The foundation also employs agents who infiltrate goblinkin communities or interact with them diplomatically. The foundation has a strict code of ethics and does not harm or exploit goblinkin unless absolutely necessary. The foundation also tries to prevent or mitigate conflicts between goblinkin and other races, especially dragons, who often enslave or manipulate goblinkin for their own purposes.

Discoveries and Projects[edit | edit source]

Drang[edit | edit source]

The foundation’s most notable achievement is the discovery and rehabilitation of Eigan Drang, also known as Subject 001. Drang was first discovered by a researcher who tried to help him integrate into society but was later killed by a rival goblinkin clan. Drang then went on a rampage across the mountains, slaughtering hundreds of goblinkin before being captured by the foundation. He was then held in a facility for a year, where he learned common language and culture. He was later released into the town of Isonhound, where he became a merchant and later joined the PotP, a guild that protects people from various threats. The foundation continued to monitor and support Drang in his adventures up until his death in the great Battle of Five Lights in the Northern Snowy Mountains.

The Cart of Many Pumpkins[edit | edit source]

Maglubiyet[edit | edit source]

Behind the Screen[edit | edit source]

  • Totally NOT based on the SCP foundation the same way The BackHalls aren't based on the Backrooms.
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