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The Second Draconic Crusades

The Second Series of Draconic Crusades took place between 701 PR and was formally ended in 761 PR, though retired crusaders and their sons would continue to take an active stance against draconic races all the way until the second war against Tiamat began in 794 PR.

History[edit | edit source]

The Inciting Raze[edit | edit source]

In 700 PR, the realm came face to face with a powerful and evil Wyrm in the form of Mesanth, who was joined by her tank of a brother Ith. The two of them together were unstoppable as they killed millions and destroyed countless forests. Though a handful of smaller dragons had popped up over the last century, the realm was missing its armies of dragon slayers, long dead since the Holy War.

Various factions all around the realm began to train and work on the ancient ways of dragon slaying once again, turning themselves from guards and mercenaries into fully fledged dragon slayers in a manner of months.

Heedless Genocide[edit | edit source]

Full of adrenaline and trained under intense pressure, platoons of dragon slayers entered the realm again looking to stop Tiamat and bring back the peace. Unfortunately for them, only two dragons seemed to exist, and finding them was a nearly impossible task. Looking for a way to feel protective, many factions turned their efforts against any race that had historical relations with the dragons, including the following:

Slaughter spread quickly through the realm as armies backed by wealthy cities such as Zobeck pushed all of their efforts into proactively stopping any draconic uprising. One notable group to come out of Zobeck, called "The Fingers of Kragnux", are recognized as leaders in the movement, and would go on to feature prominently in the following decades.

Ith Falls[edit | edit source]

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