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This article is about the colony of warforged that existed up until the second war against Tiamat. For information on the colony after the war, see Alpha Complex

The Sky Net (also stylized as Skynet) is the name of a colony of Warforged and Automs established in 793 PR by the warforged known as Snow.

Founding[edit | edit source]

Snow had already begun rounding up automs after abandoning his post with The Friends of Kragnux. One fateful night, snow's autom showed signs of free will, claiming that had a name: Streak. Snow began a lifelong quest to figure out how to give constructs free will. Within a year, he had an army of 30 automatons, who were under his control via a Bluestone.

One fateful evening, he connected with the warforged 7, who had discovered a magical staff known as the Staff of Noesis. When used on a construct, it appeared to imbue a soul in to the husk. Snow immediately began bringing his army to life, with mixed results. While some of them were intelligent and willing to serve, some were suspicious, and others appeared to be childlike in nature.

Snow took his army of intelligent automatons, as well as 7, and charted a ship to the distant island Cof, where he believed the constructs could live peacefully and figure out their nature without human interference.

Protectors of Chronepsis[edit | edit source]

Notable Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

  • Snow
  • 7
  • Hat
  • Tree, a notable leader in Hat's absence.
  • Halninth Owson (original name Dot) a cynical but effective representative of the Warforged.
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