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"Wiki Articles are Hot: A Poem"

"That's Hot" - Tia, literally always

Tia-Y-Mat, known also as Cheatin' Heathin, was a Troubleshooter with the Alpha Complex. She talked with a long drawn out gothic vibe, and was constantly on the hunt for new inspirations for her beat poetry.

In the Alpha Complex, Tia was a member of the Armed Forces.

Tia wore just overalls with nothing underneath except skin, which showed off her massive Red/Orange/Yellow tattoo which resembled a firewall.

Tia was super flexible, if you catch my drift. And that's hot.

Tia's secret mutant power was Deep Thought, allowing her to use extraordinary intelligence to figure out the best way forward in troublesome situations.

About[edit | edit source]

"Let those be the truth for you, my dude."

Tia's special skill was Bootlicking in Large Dirty Rooms. She loves those large dirty rooms.

Tia carried around a copied of "Manshots" imported from the Outside World at all times, which she and her clone companions viewed as "Strange Wrestling". In her words: "Homo is O-ko".

Poetry[edit | edit source]

The Guns Come Out the Cuffs Go On It Could Go Wrong We'd All Be Gone

static and lines, words are like vines, twisting around, knees on the ground

tell me what to do, I bow to you

stars are cool, red is fire, the situations seems very dire

Catcalling is not hot: Stop or I'll Shoot

Ezra says huzah, a poem: voice low, how low can it go. So low.

What they've got commie 'n', a joke poem: the commies with get what they've got commie 'n

Ezra in the hall, a poem: He waits, I wait, we all wait, to be great

Behind the Screen[edit | edit source]

  • Tia might have been a tiefling? It wasn't ever made clear. But it's totally possible a tiefling genetic template slipped into the clone vats at some point.
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