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About[edit | edit source]

Traveler's Stop on Inn
Type Tavern and Inn
Government Nearby town of Larm
Location Northwest Osugbo

Founded by Wilson Traveler in the mid-PR era, the Traveler's Stop on Inn was located off the Dolm River in northwest Osugbo. Though located off the beaten path, the Inn is technically recognized as an extension of nearby Larm .

Behind the Inn was a small stable able to house 2 or 3 visiting horses or oxen.

The travelers stop on inn is a bar/tavern and hotel. Kinda like the Tatooine bar that we find Han Solo in during a New Hope. It's fairly safe, however, it has been known as a front for evil where all kinds of travelers may hang out.

Notable Visitors[edit | edit source]

  • Sheriff Cage, a local wildnerness ranger
  • Ostler Merinwaite was one of various Innkeepers who staffed the place.

The Fight for Brightflame[edit | edit source]

A map of the Inn from above.

The Stop on Inn was the location which the first of The Seven Arms of Sin would turn up, a pattern which led to their emergence and the usage of the Toi'Viral's final wish. The weapon Brightflame was originally used by a small bandit goblin named Knu, who traveled with a group including an elf named Nirashi, and two humans named Grelm and Pudge. After Knu was killed, his companions realized his magical dagger was up for grabs, but only found wagon tracks at the site of his body. They confronted the new owners of the dagger in the Inn, resulting in a brawl that ended in the arrest of the bandits and the new owner's arrests. During the brawl, one tapestry owned by anthropologist Professor Phineas Krane was set ablaze, causing him to cast a spell on the tavern, and get arrested as well.

Notable parties present in this first skirmish include the later deities Kragnux and Reesec. As well as Levinkan ruler Axel, and adventurers Anyrion, Randor, Pete, Esimal, and Xanenth.

The next morning, Professor Phineas Krane attempted to steal back the dagger in reparation for his priceless tapestry. However, the dagger (and the sheriff) were not in the Inn on the morning of the attack, having gone to a nearby medical facility in Larm. While Krane did not succeed in taking the dagger, he broke a hole in the wall, through which Kragnux chased him into the woods towards Larm.

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