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A Wish is a form of reality altering magic that can change the past, present, or future dramatically. Wishes are typically granted by noble djinn, or self-taught by powerful mages.

Quelmar Wishes[edit | edit source]

Wishes cast in the Quelmar Realm (from any plane) have a peculiar side-effect...The deity who is closest in proximity to the wishcaster when they cast their wish gets the first dibs on granting the wish...and possibly twisting it.

As such, a number of wishes have been held until the wish-maker could find their way to the temple or holy site of their choice, ensuring their wish is cast by a greater power in alliance with their own ideals.

List of Wishes and their Effects[edit | edit source]

  • "I wish for the gods above to take vengeance on the dragon gods and banish them from this world" - Toi'Viral
  • "I wish for guardians to keep me and my weapons safe from anyone unworthy during these hostile times" - Toi'Viral
  • "I wish for the Paladin to stay here in this cave with us" - Andif (466 PR) during the Arctic Altercation
  • "I wish for Kragnux the Fang Fisted to be revived and to ascend into godhood as the first dragonborn god and for him to be known as Kragnux the Dragon Slayer" - Thwack (691 PR)
  • "I wish to be a girl" - Edgar (695 PR)
  • "I wish for the members of the adventuring party "The Last Around" to be granted immediate audience with the current Quelmar pantheon to rewrite the Pact Primevil" - The Wishmaker
  • "I wish for Anema E. Core to be reincarnated" - Doraleous (794 PR)
  • "I wish for a disease that blights all livewood with a sickening blackness, and for this blackness to be so solidly dark that not even magic can pierce or effect it." - Kleckless (795 PR)
  • "I wish that the three sentient beings in this room by the names of Reesec, Azazel, and Hat, had the power, means, and knowledge to slay Tiamat and the other Dragons, by becoming a mighty trio of gods, to free Quelmar and restore order" - Reesec, Azazel, and Hat (796 PR)
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