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Yuan-Ti exist in several forms, some more serpentine than others.

Yuan-Ti are a race of serpentine humanoids not found commonly in the realm.

About[edit | edit source]

Yuan-Ti have great capabilities for stealth. Green skin and the use of war paint helps conceal some Yuan-Ti, while others have natural chameleon-esque camouflage capabilities.

Notable Populations[edit | edit source]

The City of Merca[edit | edit source]

A massive civilization of Yuan-Ti, and perhaps the largest single yuan-ti population in the realm, exists under the surface of the dunes of Pteris, notable for their moon-drawn lifestyles and their festival known as The Great Opening in which they emerge briefly at the surface up to 3 times a year.

Cof[edit | edit source]

A tribe of Yuan-Ti on the island Cof were notable for mixing their members with a group of Fire Salamanders, creating a new species of Yuan-Ti with heated bodies and fire breathing abilities. The Yuan-Ti lived in Cof's solitary mountain, living in caverns underneath of the island's guardian Chronepsis. While Chronepsis did not care much for the mixed race, they worshiped Chronepsis by sacrificing their elderly and bringing carved idols.

The leader of the clan Shaneeks was a full blooded fire salamander, but his two sons Silass and Mariss were half breeds that cemented Shaneek's control over the colony of Yuan-Ti. Shaneeks and his son would be hunted down by The Best Around on their journey to the top of Cof's mountain, looking for legendary crystals.

This colony also consisted of 98 soldiers, another 16 serpentine scouts, and a civilian population of 234. The population would come into conflict with the colonizers who invaded Cof, and would be nearly extinct by 700 PR.

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