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Chronoseptic Warning: You have entered into a lorespace from an alternate timeline, remaining here for too long threatens the multiverse. Chronepsis advises you to stay alert for any potential paradoxes that may occur, and to be aware that things here may not be what they seem in the Quelmar you usually know.

Assassins of Q-Synara is a campaign/short online adventure that sprung from playtesting the Sneerwell adventure from the Curated Chronicles of Quelmar. It began on March 2023.

Assassins of Q-Synara is a campaign/short online adventure that sprung from playtesting the Sneerwell adventure from the Curated Chronicles of Quelmar. It began on March 2023.

The campaign involves the alternate events of The Great Case for Secession of Sneerwell in 692 PR. Only Chronepsis can tell us how and when this alternate reality split from the main timeline...

About[edit | edit source]

At the aftermath of King Kenneth Pendergras' murder, an unconventional group of heroes came together in search of his murderer. Their investigation led them to the trail of Zugs McFlair, a member of the assassin's of Synara guild, who were contracted by the Synara council to kill the King. During their investigation, they got caught up in the elections for the next King of Sneerwell. Only at the end they revealed that they were sympathizing with Darius and his democracy, but unfortunately their bid did not get through. Lora Pendergras, King Kenneth's "daughter" won the crown and the title of King.

The heroes were also involved in helping King Lora stopping a series of terrorists attacks throughout the city, as well as the freed mutated Chimera that they accidentally freed. They were named the Heroes of Sneerwell and a gala was to be had in their favor.

Player Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Lady Aeskrit, the celebrity author and movie maker.
  • Elektra Page, Esquire, the daredevil criminal lawyer.
  • Sir Erevan of Sneerwell, the member of the Royal Guard.
  • Docteur Fièvre, the "gremlin" doctor and dead bodies aficionado.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Main NPCs that the PCs had significant interactions with:

The Story So Far[edit | edit source]

(Session#10) The Heroes of Sneerwell received their invitations to the gala held in their honor. Aeskrit, Elektra and Erevan show up and receive their medals of honor. Darius approaches them during the festivities, worried about Dr Fevre. He accuses him of murdering their prisoner Zugs McFlair using Lysanne's Tears. Darius mentions that there are a lot of rumors about the Doctor having been in the Seedy Tavern, declaring loudly murder against the prisoner due to King Lora's slow justice system. The three friends head to the tavern to track down their friend. Dr Fever is not there, but the patrons mention seeing him declaring murder a few nights ago, give money to the dwarf bard frequenting the Seedy Tavern and entering the sewers behind the Pendergras Industry Warehouses the night before.

(Session#11) The Heroes realized that the situation will only be clarified if they encountered the Doctor. Conveniently enough, the doctor showed up at the doorstep of the Seedy Tavern. His reaction to all of the rumors was that of denial; in fact he was trying to figure out who was framing him. As soon as he saw the bard, he singled him out as the source. A pub fight later they had managed to corner the dwarf and interrogate him. The bard was very scared, he had been threatened with his life by a person named Leonardo. Leonardo could freely obtain the form of any person he wanted, and he pretended to be the Gremlin. Apparently, he was heading to the Padlock Gang's lair. Unenthusiastically, the Heroes headed to the sewers once again. There they found quite a few dead bodies, a few assassins (that they swiftly took care of) and the dead body of Father Hawerick. Without many people alive, the Doctor proposed to host them (including a few dead and unconscious bodies) at his home till dawn.

(Session#12) The combined efforts of the Heroes (including Aeskrit in the form of kangaroo) transported everything they got to the Doctor's house by the cemetery. There, they spend the night and had dried animal meat for breakfast; Dr Fievre reassured them that he only sells the dried humanoid meat to the Evil Creatures Market (ECM). After they got over their... disgust for the Gremlin's side hustle, they interrogated the alive assassin. Under the influence of the zone of truth, he revealed a few important details about the Assassins of Synara: they were hired by the Synaran Collective to influence the elections for the King. The Collective has powerful patrons and members who include King James of Synara and Montane Capella. After inquiring how they can join them (at their headquarters in Deeplake) and a self inflicted injury they argued amongst each other for his fate. Errevan won the argument and they escorted the assassin to prison with Gremlin's laundry basket over his head.

(Session#13) With Errevan back to work, the rest of the Heroes were left up to their own devices. They decided that they had to travel to Deeplake, where they could investigate the Synaran Collective and the Assassins of Synara. After a stop at the ECM, they arranged a trip to Deeplake by using the services of the Mega Caravan. Before leaving. Elektra had to attend some bussiness at her office. Her assistant with the golder retriever energy, aka Stephanie, introduced to Elektra a visting Loxodon, Elia. The Loxodon lived in a small community right outside Sneerwell and she was looking for a daredevil lawyer to prosecute the Pendergrass Industries. A lot of the company's chemical waste was thrown at their doorstep, sickening the children. Elektra of course accepted. The heroes had to leave a message for Errevan to join them as soon as he was free.

(Session#14) Errevan joined them at the last moment, to everyone's delight. Aeskrit had an obscene amount of buggage but managed to fit it all. And with this, they were off! Five days of travel ahead of them, in close quarters with a weird old lady (or Neria) who kept hitting on Errevan, and with a sullen red haired half elven named Rheon. Neria had an intense interest on Errevan, as he reminded her of her old lover Commander Paris. Errevan had heard stories of the Commander's love affairs in the past and was just left confused whether Neria and Paris were his parents or if the old lady just wanted to date him. Despite this weird confusing and minor incidents along the road (including bullying a sentient tree), the Heroes made it at Deeplake five days later.

(Session#15) Within the city of Deeplake, the heroes had to decide their next move. The Gremlin's suggestion was unanimously accepted: they had to infiltrate the Assassins. Q: Where to start though? A: The flea market obviously. Elektra encountered a potion seller, who, after being offered gold and getting rid of some of his products, directed them to the Kelp's Green Inn. There, they could talk to Varis and ask for the tears of Lyssane. He would be able to give them what they needed. After four hours of the Gremlin leading them through the whole city, they finally arrived there. Originally, Varis confused them for lost tourists looking for the Museum of Bone Monsters. However, they told him that they needed Lyssane's Tears. Varis was quite secretive in the start, but soon he told them that if they needed tears, then they had to attend the show at the Dark Horse Theater show, at 9pm. Aeskrit was not very enthusiastic about the idea, as she held in low regard the director Paulo Swienfield. With time to spend, the four of them went to the Museum of Bone Monsters, much to Dr Fievre's delight. However, their visit was more perilous than expected. The new exhibition of dinosaurs had been reanimated and all chaos broke lose. Elektra, Errevan and the Doctor went in to deal with a lot of animated dinosaur skeletons, including a T-Rex. Fortunatelly, they won. Unfortunatelly, the Gremlin lost the lion skeleton that he had just reanimated. Fortunatelly, they got paid. Unfortunatelly, they did not manage to clarify how the dinos got reanimated.

House Rules[edit | edit source]

Following most of DnD 5e rules.

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