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For Quelmar's Curse of Strahd campaign, see Another One Bites The Dice.

Not Strahd is an online quasi-campaign streamed on the Quelmar Twitch channel, intended as filler for the full campaigns. Using the TROIKA! system - whilst shamelessly stealing from other ttrpgs along the way - Not Strahd follows the adventures of various adventurers and friends shortly following on from events in ABTD. Strahd is NOT in the campaign.

Player Character

X’estus the Far Seeing Thaumaturge

Nova the Homesick Giant

Zesty (née Chuck) the Identity Shifting Burglar

Pip, Graduate of the College of Friendship

Mrs Mammoth the Rhinofolk Housewife

Partrick the Terrifying Bovine Masquerade

The Rt Hon. Camille, Bygone Ruler of the Owlbears

Skarab the Hyperactive Hyena (with knives)



Our adventurers awaken to find themselves on the banks of Lake Zarovich where they encountered the hornt fisherman Zelgo, before making their way towards the city of Vallaki. Upon entering the city they were identified as “A hulking brute, two adults and a kid,” and mistaken as the characters of ABTD. Lady Wachter - now ruling the city following her violent coup - summoned the group to her manor, and (after discovering the mix up) tasked them with clearing the Hag’s Mill.


A disastrous encounter with one of the hags saw our heroes imprisoned in a pocket dimension dungeon, however not all was as it seemed as an unseen force twisted the dungeon into a wild chaotic playground. Joined by fellow prisoner Mrs Mammoth, the adventurers journeyed through the halls, encountering Baby-Headed Soldiers, Pagliacci singing Gurblins, a Giga-Zelgo, and making a slight detour into the Cube Dimension. The gang were finally able to escape after releasing the crazed Chaos Magus, who provided the means to teleport out of there.


Mrs Mammoth returns home to the Beastlands after her imprisonment to discover her husband is missing and an infestation of Gurblins has taken his place. Journeying to the adjacent town of Bearovia, she meets up with old friends and sets out to find the missing citizens. As the mystery unfurls, the gang descends into the Gurblins’ den to rescue their loved ones.


Much like it's namesake, NVFT was a special interim stream without any ttrpgs; instead featuring the classic 1994 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Computer Product Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession and it's sequel Stone Prophet. Viewers followed the adventures of the gnome Wide Gnuut and the half-elf Nahro as they traversed Barovia and Har'Akir.

Shamelessly Stolen Incorporated RPGs

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