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Rule Benders is an Avatar Legends campaign currently live streaming biweekly Wednesdays at 8:00 PM EST. Watch this campaign if you like inner party drama, action packed elemental battles, snacks, and laughs.

The Era

Map of the Elemental Plane of Chaos/Our Avatar World

This game takes place in the Korra Era of Avatar, meaning that it exists in an age of advanced technology and progressive advancements. In Quelmar lore, this game is on Elemental Plane of Elements during the Age of Elemental Chaos, a time in Quelmar's history during which the 4 elemental planes were still smashed together.

The Characters

Atman - The Razor - Waterbender

Known infamously as The Frozen Soul, Atman is determined to control of her own life and make up for her past mistakes.


  • Atman has several penguin friends. Column is a himbo.

Bayliss - The Prodigy - Earthbender

Constantly living in the shadow of his family, Bayliss Evergreen is on a quest for the key to immortality.

Mudder - The Idealist - Earthbender

Struggling to overcome the tragedy of losing his family, Mudder must find a way to balance forgiveness and grief.

Nao Va - The Hammer - Firebender

With fists of fire and a will of steel, Nao Va is a force to be reckoned with a secret heart of gold.

The Story So Far

Arc 1 - The Northern Water Tribe - Complete

After coming together under unlikely circumstances, four heroes journey deep into the tunnels of the Northern Water Tribe. There, they come across a production plant being used to harvest spirit energy into batteries. They lay waste to the plant and defeat it's evil operator, Moto. But they emerge from the mines to discover that the operation is much larger than they initially thought. The Evergreen family has been devoting a great deal of their funds and resources towards studying the power that can be harnessed from spirits, and Tani Wa, an evil spirit, has been set free from his prison. They flee, escaping the Northern Water Tribe and their problems...for now.

(Episode links not available due to copyright.)

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