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Type Town
Government Mayoral
Location Amusa
Inhabiting Race Human
  • They operate the Seawell Lighthouse which brings ships to their port
  • Owns a small militia
  • Typically prone to Lizardfolk attacks
  • Where Zugs and Anema first met
  • There is an over abundance of children running in the streets (because of no orphanage)
  • Ren Atherton and his family are from here

The Seawell Lighthouse

Notable Families

There is stark economic inequality in Seawell. Save for the Atherton family and a few employees at the forge and the community college, nearly everyone is either a noble or barely making ends meet, especially as real estate has become more valuable around town in the last decade. Many children are orphans, and there is no formal orphanage, so orphans hope to be adopted by some family they happen to meet, or otherwise need to survive on their own.

House Lonato

While Seawell has a mayor and is technically democratic, Baron Benjamin Lonato is the feudal lord of the small port city and its surrounding farms and villages. Unlike most lords however, he does not impose a large quota on the famers in his lands, and is generally seen as kind, at least as nobles go. Unfortunately though, even with his wealth, he has not had an easy life. His wife passed away in a great plague 10 years ago, and five years ago, his biological son Cristophe was executed for his alleged role in an assassination plot against the archbishop of a corrupt regional church.

During the plague 10 years ago, soon after the passing of his wife Trisha, an orphan broke into his manor. While still grieving, the baron caught him. The boy's name was Ashe, and instead of turning him over to the city guard, he decided to adopt him and raise him as his own son as a younger brother to Cristophe.

The Bluth Family

Splitting from House Lonato a few generations ago, the Bluth family had some money to invest into various business ventures, especially construction and real estate. Through various shady deals with the mayors, some comedic timing, and extreme luck, the Bluths happened to acquire about a third of the land in the Seawell region by the start of the Wicked Wilds campaign. Rent has increased dramatically over the last few decades, leading to poverty and many orphans. However, they have recently begun falling from grace as David Bluth, longtime head of the family company, was embroiled in scandal for making deals with cruel nobles in enemy regions against the mayor's approval.

David has been held in the local jail since the scandal broke last year, and officially control has been passed down to his children: Mark, Bob, and Suzie. However, Suzie has left the family to forge her own identity, and Bob (Billiam Omar Bluth) is irresponsible, so it has fallen on Mark to try to hold the company and family together. However, while the well-meaning Mark is theoretically in charge of the company's finances now, his mother Lucretia is actually still in charge from the shadows.

Although she has no noble title, Lucretia Bluth - David's wife and Mark's mother - is 70 years old at the start of Wicked Wilds. She is a powerful socialite in the city and surrounding region, with only the mayor and Baron Benjamin having comparable power. At the start of her career, she successfully lobbied against the construction of an orphanage to keep local property values higher, and she has generally kept this news from getting out for over 50 years now. In her supposed retirement since David's arrest, she has put Mark in charge of the company in name, while hiding any actual financial documents from him.

They are controversial in town for helping to clear some land in the Spider Swamps for new housing, but they also destroyed various beloved trees and rerouted some streams in the process. This flooded some neighborhoods permanently, forcing some people to buy new houses from developers like the Bluths themselves. Lucretia and David know this; nobody else in the family knows that this was their plan.

House Stone

Recently winning election to a sixth term, Matthias Stone has been Mayor of Seawell for over twenty years. While Seawell is officially democratic, eight of the last ten mayors have been part of House Stone, as they own and operate the Port of Seawell.

While there have been rumors that he is actually corrupt, news of this has generally been suppressed as he is popular in town, especially with those with influence and the port workers, who actually get a decent wage.

Seawell Community College

  • Offers courses in shipping, agriculture, smithing, music, and magic
  • Maria Allen, Ren's mother, teaches music there
  • The college is small, but gather students from a few dozen miles around

Behind the Screen

  • Seawell and the neighboring Spider Swamps originate from the WotC Module Wreck Ashore
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