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[[File:Huldusdwarfstatue.png|left|thumb|The 25 foot stone dwarf statue located near the main entrance]]

=== Guards ===
=== Guards ===

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The Citadel of Huldus

Type City
Government Monarchy till the Holy War, unknown after
Location Under the Northern Snowy Mountains
Inhabiting Race Dwarves

The Citadel of Huldus was a dwarven citadel and complex of buildings built inside of a large cavern under the Northern Snowy Mountains. Access into the citadel was closely guarded at a number of entrances in the upper foothills that spread out to the East from the mountains


The 25 foot stone dwarf statue located near the main entrance


The many entrances to the Citadel were guarded by various creatures. At the main entrance, nested deep in the mountains, a massive 25 foot tall stone statue of a dwarf stood sentinel.

The main entrance (a large stone arch doorway) and possibly others, were also guarded by ancient earth elementals who had been tasked with keeping the entrances closed for good.


Most trade that was conducted with the citadel was done at way stations just outside these entrances. Merchants would bring their wares to sell and be able to peruse what the citadel craftsmen had to offer in barter. While these way stations were in use every day, large trade events were conducted on the last day of the week that saw the arrival of caravans from both the citadel and merchants around Isonhound. This was often the best day for a patron who sought to hire a skilled dwarven craftsman to have the best chance of hiring someone. It was common for dwarves from the citadel to make their way to way stations on this day to demonstrate their skill and display their wares.

Oftentimes items were a known need of the citadel and a trustworthy merchant would be engaged in negotiation to provide these goods to the citadel. These merchants were normally permitted access under the mountain and into the citadel to deliver what they were contracted for. The terms of the trade with these merchants was considered highly secretive and therefore only conducted by the king's exchequer in a closed forum. A merchant in good standing would not risk this lucrative deal so it was rare that anyone would learn the details.


During days of celebration artisans and performers from around the realm would be invited to come perform for the dwarven people inside the citadel courts. This was a rare event and considered a high honor to anyone who received the invitation. Stories abound of players and bards who regaled in the beauty of the citadel. So much so that many of them were probably false. What better way to boost your appeal than to claim to have been an invited performer?


The End of the Holy War

At the height of the Holy War against the dragons, troops spilled forth from the mountain in response to Moradin’s call. His paladins and clerics formed ranks as all manner of people filled in behind to provide support. From carpenters to cooks, blacksmiths to enchanters, dwarves came out of the mountain to help. But what happened shortly after, little is known and even less is shared.

It seems that the citadel shut itself away after the last of the crusaders left. The way stations outside the entrances were left abandoned. Anyone brave enough to venture in to the gates was bet with closed and barred doors. No response to any request for an audience was ever given.

As best as can be determined, this was the same result when the survivors of the Holy War returned home to the mountain. They apparently could not get back in. With no way to return home those that did not choose other places to call home set out to the east and settled in a town that would be known as Gammelgard.


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